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Found 5 results

  1. I had a local luthier build me a PRS 513 with a couple mods added to it such as an extra volume and 2 way toggle for a piezo system. I'm trying to wiring it up. The way the 513 works is there are 5 single coil pickups with a 5 way blade switch to switch between bridge, bridge and middle, middle, middle and neck, neck and then a 3 way blade switch that basically turns on and off the inner single coil pick ups of the bridge and neck pickups. the middle position on the 3-way has a diode that basically reduces the output of the inner coils so it sounds like a coil tapped humbucker. So it looks like hum bucker, coil tap, and single coil. My question is if this diagram I create will create this sound. Or will I just shock the crap out of myself hahaha
  2. Hi All,I'm hoping someone might be able to give me some guidance. I recently picked up a 2010 PRS C22 (lefty) and noticed that (1) the push-pull hardly makes any difference and (2) the tone control doesn't taper, instead quickly phasing in at about 3 on the dial. I'm not sure if anyone ever played around with the wiring before I bought it, but it doesn't seem to track the schematic PRS has on their website. For example, the cap is a .033uF instead of the stated .022uF, and connects to the live pole of the volume control, rather than the center. The pot reads "A (|) 15A500K 10 11", so I don't think there's an issue with the type of pot. Any suggestions or tips would be great as the push-pull seems almost useless and the tone control behaves like an on-off switch. I've included a pic for reference. Thanks
  3. I got a 5A flame maple top that looks amazing. I was wondering... a. would you use it as a drop top say on a thinline tele style build or b.would you carve it leaving a 2mm faux binding line??? (maybe use some cream plastic binding) Thanks for the help guys!
  4. Hey there! I've had a "first guitar" project going on for over a year now. Slowly making progress, or was it regress? That's what I need to know now. Without checking if it was possible I chose to mix electronics/hardware from PRS and Fender Telecaster. When I reached the wiring stage of the guitar build I hit the wall. I've done some research, but still don't know how this should be done. It would really make my day if one of you could download the picture, do a paint drawing on top of it that displays what should go where. So here's what I have - Fender noiseless bridge single coil with black and yellow wire (and the white and black extra wire and that red thing with two pins) - PRS 245 bass humbucker with one wire - PRS input jack with one wire - Standard telecaster control plate hardware and pots Here's a link to a bigger version of the image if needed http://i.imgur.com/wUYZ8xX.jpg I have a huge bag of lessons learned from this project... And they are all pretty visible on the guitar
  5. I've read all the topics about multiscale and felt that I gotta try it out so this i build with wood that I have laying around and leftover hardware. Chambered oak body (probably gonna chamber it a lot to keep the weight down. Maple top Mahogany set neck pau ferro fretboard Scale 25,5" and 24,5" (not so much perhaps but...) "normal" 7th fret Inlays...haven't decided yet Black Gotoh tuners New black ABM 3210 http://www.thomann.d...itar_bridge.htm Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates bridge (anybody got a good matching neck pup for that!?) Color will be all white I think.... This is what I have so far. The drawing: And starting to chamber the body (yes it's an old table from IKEA ):
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