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Found 5 results

  1. Hello All, Another newbie question for you. I am starting my first build. I have drawings for a PRS Custom 22. Since this is my very first go at this, I am concerned about going with the set neck since it seems that would be a "get it right the first time" kind of deal. The neck pocket doesn't seem that large and the neck goes under the neck pickup. I was thinking about slightly changing the design so that the top cutaway is extended just a little bit and then curve up to the pocket and making the neck pocket extend out a little so that I can bolt the neck onto the body with 4 bolts. Does that make sense? Anyone see an issue with extending the neck pocket so that more of the neck sits in the pocket? I am assuming that if I keep the neck the same length, then I shouldn't be changing the scale length at all. Or do you believe that the current neck pocket is sufficient to bolt? It doesn't look like it since the pickup is in the same spot. Thank you all for your advice.
  2. Hey all, so I finally glued the neck for the guitar last night and when I checked it this morning I noticed there were little spaces with no glue between the neck and body. I put plenty of glue in last night, having to pick up quite a bit with a damp paper towel. Anyway I'm worried those little spaces between glue are a sign of a larger problem with the gluing job I did. Are they?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm John. I haven't been around here very long, but I've enjoyed reading many of the threads. It's always a learning experience. I migrated here from the pickup makers forum, and haven't really done anything new since I registered 'til now. I'm a woodworker by trade, but mostly self taught when it comes to building guitars. I'm always working on a low budget, but I have good tools to work with, and a little free time now and then. I'm building a Tele in J'master clothes, or sort of anyway. The body is African Mahogany, Maple neck/fingerboard, 25.5 Scale. I make my own truss rods. I know that there's been discussion lately about F style necks. I anchor the rods directly under the nut. My theory is that this would give the best transfer of energy. This will be a set neck. I've cut a step in the neck tenon so I can use a vintage style neck adjuster, and still have it extend beneath the pickup cavity once installed. The guitar will have a stained/natural natural finish with no binding, so I chambered it from the back side. I finished the neck over the weekend, and got it glued into the body. This is where I'm at now.
  4. Well, as some of you may have noticed is that I took quiet the internet break, and in the 2 weeks I've pumped up almsot two guitars, this is one of them. The other (superstrat) just needs the bridge posts and tuners drilled, which I'll do eventually. The camera was gone for most of the time, so I was only able to snap these pics now, and one with an iphone a bit back. SPECS Body Shape: Les Paul Double Cut Hardware Colour: Chrome Neck Construction: set Tuners: grover sta-tites, 18:1 Nut size/material: bone, 44mm String Spacing: 7mm #of frets: 22 Neck wood: wenge/padauk/wenge Fretboard: rosewood Scale: 24 3/4 Radius: 12 Headstock shape: wave Headstock Angle: 13 Bindings: n/a Inlay: pearloid dots, 4mm Finish: tung oil, gloss Body Wood: Spanish cedar, mahogany top Contours: arm, belly Bindings: n/a Bridge: TOM string thru, black ferrules Strap Buttons:chrome Finish: tung oil, poly - gloss Electronics Pickup Config: 1 Humbucker Bridge: GFS Dream 90 Pickgaurd: black plastic Switch: n/a Controls: 1 vol 1 tone Control Cavity Material: plastic Knobs: black speed Top wood (cut from same board) Before it got the logo, and bridge recessed Headstock Front Back Complete, with 2 oil coats on Enjoy! Total time was about 80 hours or so, without sanding
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