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ProjectGuitar.com Site News - April 2014

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ProjectGuitar.com has seen a few minor changes and introductions since the previous update....

Our new publication system is proving to be an excellent choice. A few minor bugs exist here and there, however it is to be expected. Do report any specific issues with either myself or a member of the moderating team and we'll be right onto it.

  • Publishing

Several of the old site's tutorials have been re-published along with new articles. Progress is based on the limited number of hours that can be split between various backstage activities - anything that is a huge priority can be pushed to the front of the queue, just make requests in the comments below.

  • Suppliers

By far the largest and most important task has been updates necessary to our recognised supplier and manufacturer listings. Many invalid links existed which have more or less been rooted out and updated/deleted. The organisation of the listings themselves will gradually be sectioned slightly differently to make hunting for what you need easier.

  • Downloads

ProjectGuitar.com's Downloads section is being populated with many resources for guitar design. Indispensable tools such as our and the first of our monthly complete instrument CAD plans are now live and available for free download. Your feedback in the support threads and comments are invaluable in assessing the usefulness of these files and providing a clearer understanding of what is most useful to yourselves. All of our downloads are made available under Creative Commons licencing, giving you the freedom to adapt and republish works on a non-commercial basis as long as appropriate source acknowledgement is given. We think that's pretty cool. :)

  • Member Groups

This month we will be re-organising our member groupings to simplify our system and provide a clearer indication of who is what, where and why. Twelve years of operating the forums has created a fair amount of member group setting proliferation which becomes difficult to administrate reliably.

Other than the default system organisation groups (guest, validating, etc.) the following groups will exist:



PG Sponsor/PG Supporter

VIP/GOTM/GOTY (Guitar Of The Month contest winners, ex-moderators, site contributors)

New Member/Member/Established Member/Veteran Member

The various levels of membership (in sort of an order as above) affect signature length, the ability to post images/URLs in your signature, increased Gallery disk space allocation, more flexible forum capabilities and other elevated site privileges. The general Member groups automatically increment at 10, 100 and 1000 posts respectively with New Members having light restrictions to prevent spambots and "hit and run" spam farm registrants.

  • Awards

Although new, we will be awarding members to recognise various achievements (such as a Guitar Of The Month win) as part of their public profiles. Whilst most awards will recognise practical achievements, we can't guarantee that will always be the case....

  • Supporting ProjectGuitar.com

​ProjectGuitar.com is a non-profit project whose month-to-month upkeep relies purely on donation. Your donations help cover necessary server costs, help to funding new exciting tutorial projects and generally helps ProjectGuitar.com grow as the Internet's primary open education source for guitar builders. Donating to ProjectGuitar.com is simple and as quick; we currently accept PayPal out of speed and simplicity, however feel free to PM us for alternative donation methods.

As way of thanks, all donating members are promoted to prestige PG Supporter/PG Sponsor status on the site. If you would like to donate anonymously, that's cool too. :)

Thank you for your continued support!

- ProjectGuitar.com Admin/Mod Team

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