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  1. Cheap 'n Cheerful Photo Setup

    You don't need to spend a fortune to get quality pictures of your treasured work of art. Forum member @Scott French shows us how he does his photo shoots in the workshop on a shoestring budget.

  2. Guitar Case Storage

    As our guitar collections grow, so too can the corresponding number of cases, and you can only fit so many cases under the bed or in the closet. Long time member @Kevan came up with a neat and cheap solution for storing multiple guitar cases on a spare wall in his basement.

  3. Common Wiring Faults in Guitars

    A lot of complaints regarding wiring problems in guitars are surprisingly easy to resolve. Here's a collection of common ones that you may come up against when servicing an old faithful axe, or putting the finishing touches on your newest creation.

  4. Upgrade your router bits!

    Sometimes one bearing on your guided bits just isn't enough in some situations....

  5. "You Can Add All the Thinner You Want!"

    Finishing guru Bob Flexner breaks down an artificially-created myth about adding thinners to your hand-applied finishes....

  6. Inexpensive Table Protectors!

    Keeping your work surface clean is one thing however keeping your workpieces safe from dings and scratches has its own issues....

  7. How To Identify A Humbucker's Wiring Scheme

    Many years back we ran a great article by Bill Jehle on how to identify a humbucker's coil wiring colors and phasing. Dylan of Dylan Pickups put together a short and sweet YouTube video demonstrating this idea.

  8. Fit Set-Screw Knobs Onto Splined-Shaft Pots!

    Sometimes you simply can't find the right knobs to fit onto a split shaft pot. Dylan of DylanPickups.com demonstrates that not all is lost....you simply need to know how to make them work!

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