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Guitar Anatomy Class

Anything and everything related to breaking down what makes a guitar tick to individual parts.

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  1. Guitar Anatomy Basics: Scarfed Joints

    In this Guitar Anatomy Basics article, we take a look at the role scarfed joints play in neck construction. When and why would you need one, and how are they made?

    • Prostheta
    • By Carl Maltby
  2. Is It Multiscale or Fanned Fret?

    Fanned fret, multiscale....what are they different things and what do they offer over common single scale instruments?

    • ProjectGuitar.com
    • By Carl Maltby
  3. A Complete Guide To Truss Rods pt. 2

    In part one of this series we presented the origin of the truss rod and the problem it was designed to solve. This week we're turning our view towards a more modern development on this idea; the dual truss rod.

  4. A Complete Guide To Truss Rods pt. 1

    Even though virtually every guitar has one, the sheer amount of opinion and conflicting information on truss rods leaves players, builders and even techs with fundamental misunderstandings. How they really function and their actual purpose in the wider context is vital in making your instruments playable and controllable.

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