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  1. alright update, i know nitefly, you said that the coats on ibanez are thick, but ive been using a palm sander for about 2.5 hours and i havent seen any grain at all. the paint is off but now its this pale, pale red that looks like part of the finish...i also can see from the chip that until i for sure hit grain, ill have to sand another couple mm's. do i need to hit grain before i can refinish?
  2. okay. and if im planning on refinishing everything electronics, hardware...should i get rid of the electrical paint in the cavities, and use electrical tape when i refinish, or should i leave it?
  3. its 15-30 minutes...but my dad was wondering, on this rg theres almost a "laminate" coat on top that isnt getting touched by the stripper...is that something that most guitars have, or something else?
  4. yeah and it did nothing at all...we have a heater on it because its about 40 degrees outside, but were also in the garage which is warmer, but its not terribly cold either. and are all strippers gel?
  5. okay, so im refinishing an old rg body i have, and it has a couple chips here and there and whatnot, but im trying to strip it using a gel/chemical but its not having any effect. its been on for 30 minutes and it hasnt shown any sign of working. is there something im doing wrong?
  6. okay, so i asked this in the finish/inlay section and got a little help but nothing worked... im refinishing an ibanez rg and had an idea that id really like to do: id like to paint it straight white, but then on the front, somehow( paint, spraypaint, something) put all of my favorite lyrics line after line in a light metallic blue. my handwriting, however is terrible, and im sure my painting is worse. someone suggested typing it out and then cutting it out to make a stencil, but i had to make the words so big, it didnt work the way i wanted it to. any ideas?
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