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  1. Fresh out of the shop this afternoon!
  2. I am absolutely looking to strike up some more business relations! I do just clears as well! My website has a good amount if info and things offered on it. And if you don't see it - contact me - I can likely get it done. You can just keep this here - I as just answering the one question on what they would go for. Thanks! Here's a nice NEON I did last night - pre clear...(And yes, that's a Jem Double neck swirl in the background )
  3. I am looking to $500 for each...
  4. Here are two guitars I finished up to see if I can sell... Both are an Ibanez RG Style with the Lions Claw and single Humbucker. I think they came out pretty cool! Pictures don't do them justice...
  5. And here is a blue one... Waiting to ship...
  6. My latest project - looks like a yummy ice cream bar that I want to take a bite out of!
  7. Nothing special here - but I have not seen anything else built like it - so I thought I would post for ideas. It was inspired by Wayne Charvel from some older videos I had from the past. Guitar spins 360 and also swivels 360. You can see a video here... http://youtu.be/PIRDHSVqAzc
  8. Given refinishing and custom painting guitars is what I do - I agree with this statement. Even if you were painting your guitar a color - I would put the base on it, few layers of clear, sand it, and then do custom art. This way if you screw the art up - it can be removed easily without messing with the base color.
  9. A thong may be a better choice. You don't want to gum up the works. LOL Backwards
  10. I am not familiar with Nitro, but I use 2 part automotive clears. Since I need to cut/buff them anyway - lint, dust, bugs, etc. really don't mean a thing. They are just on the surface, and when I start the cutting process with my 1000 grit paper - it removes it all. If Nitro needs cutting and buffing as well - I wouldn't think you don't need to worry about it - unless they are deep in there. In which case - sounds like you need a different room to paint in. Or get a good vent system going that sucks everything out of the room while you are painting.
  11. Go to www.killerpaint.com and you can see some INSANE flame jobs! He is the one who came up with the "True Fire" technique supposidly. Or at least he brought it to the publics eye first. His stuff has been on Rides, Overhaulin, and Monster Garage. There are some samples of his flames on a helicopter, boat, and H2, along with others. And a cool looking Blue flame! Nice to have a tutorial of what he probably does on his $79 DVD that instructs on this. Hey LGM, do you have this DVD? Judging by other work I have seen from you, I would guess no, that you are just that damn good to have seen his work and be able to do it yourself without instruction!
  12. I hope I didn't miss this somewhere in here and look dumb. There is a LOT of reading however and I skipped over several. So here is my quesiton/scenario Guitar Body: Lets say I do want to start making and selling guitars. I like the shape of an Ibanez body. In order to be able to sell something like that, do I need to manipulate the dimenions. And if so, by how much. I mean, you can only vary a guitar shape so much without leaving the realm of tradition and just looking stupid. Is a body something they can even trademark? That's kinda like trademarking a circle, or the infinity sign. Do the courts allow it? Headstock: I can understand trademarking this. It's what I recognize a manufacture from. So again, I like the Ibanez headstocks the best. However, I like them better reversed. So same scenario, I make a neck with a reversed Ibanez looking headstock, yet I change the tip of it somehow. Is that enough? I am sure many can see my concern on some of this. As people, when we really like something, it sticks with us. When we go to create something that is original, it has influences in it from those things we like. This shows in eveyone. So I like the Ibanez guitar shapes. If I start making my own guitars, yes I am going to change these things, but there will be certain inspiration in my changes, and just things set in my mind. Where is the line drawn for me getting sewed? I have an idea of a guitar that I want to make that is shaped like a Les Paul but has some cutouts from the back of it, will have a Floyd Rose, EMG's, 1 volume, and one pickup selector, and a battery compatment routed out of the back. It will be a bolt on as well. So while there are influences in this guitar, it is my idea and creation. What would happen in that event? Any assitance would be helpful. I am just doing this as a hobby right now, but if it turns into something more, I want to have my bases covered. (no pun there, I'm making 6 strings!) -Reamer
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