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  1. Shielded the cavities with copper tape and did a little soldering. I was originally going with a four-way switch the both pickups in series in the fourth position, but then found the switch was too tall for the cavity and I couldn't be arsed to re-rout that at this stage so bought another switch which I'll have to wait for. Still a bit of shaping to do on the back of the headstock then I'll sand it and start the tru-oil. Also need to flatten the headstock lacquer and polish that up. Apologies for masses of posts in one go. I'll try and keep more up to date
  2. Logo for the headstock Had to leave that for 24hrs before lacquer, so back to work on the body. Flattened and now going through the grits Polished it with meguire's scratch-x. It's pretty good. My first attempt at finishing and I'd give it 7 maybe 8 out of 10. I think it was the sanding through the grits that I could have done a better job at. It's smooth like glass but if you tilt it in the light you can still see tiny scratches. It's hardly noticeable and I'm happy with it as it is. Quick mock-up
  3. While waiting for the body to cure again I got back to work on the neck. Recut the fret slots, bodging up the 21st so I had to glue that fret. Don't really like the richlite, it was horrible to cut, sanding the radius almost killed me. If you look closely you can see lines from the layers which kind of look like grain but not quite. I'll put something on it when it's finished maybe wax. I then started lacquering the headstock. Body's cured We're getting there
  4. I finished the body with KTM-9. I wasn't sure about using it as it's been sat around for a couple of years, but did it anyway. I brushed it on with a liberon lacquer brush, loosely following a guide I found on the website. It seemed to be quite forgiving. After the first coat I remembered about sitting it in warm water for a while before applying so did that and it flowed out much nicer. I think I did six coats over 2 days, didn't bother to sand out runs or brushmarks. I then hung it up for a week to cure. Then bit I wasn't looking forward to... (gently) sanding the lacquer, paranoid about sanding through again. I sanded through again, on the edge on the back by the jack. KTM-9 claims to be easy to repair, so I fixed it then gave the whole guitar another coat, maybe two.
  5. Positioned the bridge and drilled the holes. Got the neck attached. Bought some steel inserts from a company someone mentioned here, can't remember the name now. Really like them, much easier to install than the last ones I tried. Forgot to take a picture though. The neck's attached with screws I got from Screwfix or Toolstation, but I've got some better bolts with hex head as I think they look nicer. I started prepping the body for finishing and instantly sanded through the stain, so off it came again and it got it's 3rd staining. Sanded back Blue again Got some z-poxy on it as soon as I could. Back to work on the neck... Started with the Shinto rasp, then switched to spokeshave and scrapers. I think this is one of the most enjoyable jobs, although I've not carved a top yet... Taking shape...
  6. Hi Guys, Sorry, been away from the site for a while but have made some more progress on this one. Not far off from completion, maybe two weeks or so. Masses of updates to follow... Got the inlays in... I fixed up the bodged jack socket with a different style jack plate Drilled the ferrule holes. The ferrules aren't pushed in but the lines not too bad for a first attempt.
  7. Thicknessed the back of the neck/heel a little Tuner holes drilled... Nice and straight, unlike last time... That's it for now...
  8. Roughly routed fretboard markers and an small headstock wing added... Starting the drop-off... Neck rough cut And routed... Testing fretboard markers, will probably go with these black MOP markers... ...and the story so far...
  9. It's been a while since I last updated this, but I have made some progress... Neck blank (purchased from Simo a couple of years ago) with rout for truss rod With truss rod fitted... Fretboard glue-up... I didn't quite get the locating pins in properly resulting in some fretboard slippage... Fortunately I caught it after a couple of hours, and I managed to get it off with a spatula and a couple of hefty whacks with a hammer, phew! Cleaned up the surfaces and had another go... That's better
  10. I should hope so... it's a one piece body Thanks for the kind words guys, just wish i had more time to work on it!
  11. Ok, so this is what it looked like before sanding it back. It was actually much darker than it seems in this picture, almost black with green highlights. It had kind of grown on me while I stared at it for a week and I almost left it as it was but no, back to the original plan (maybe next time). In daylight... Didn't take any more pictures until after the grain fill. I went with just blue this time (I added a bit of green before, but when it came to grain fill it made it look even more green), and am pretty pleased with the result. Was hoping for a slightly more turquoisey colour but this will do just fine Need to clean the binding up a bit now, then work starts on the neck.
  12. After ANOTHER long break, I finally got back to working on this. Sanded the back and did a quick grain fill... Sanded the front ready for stain... Black... Sand back... And colour... Perfect! Now I knew the colour would lighten and the figure disappear as it dries, but for some unknown reason I added some more colour (probably just to remind me what it looked like), and when I came to grain fill it was way too dark :'(. I'm now going to sand it all off and start again...
  13. The fretboard is richlite. It cuts ok (although the 'sawdust' is a little weird), we'll see how it sands later...
  14. Now I can't modify posts, oh well. Pics fairly self explanatory, made a binding glue from binding and acetone. Got pretty messy but no major problams, a couple of gaps which should fill easily enough. Still need to scrape the sides, looks pretty thick at the moment. Will get the rest of the scraping done, then fill in the gaps.
  15. Uploaded this in a rush, will comment on pics later
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