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  1. How much would this board cost? Ebony, 27 frets, 7 string, no radius, standard 1/4" thickness? Paypal?
  2. It does indeed sound good to me.
  3. I know I need a shelf but the wasn't a "shelf" option. Which nut option do you recommend then?
  4. Ebony board with 27 fret slots, 25.5" scale, no nut (I'm assuming a no nut would be the right option for a floyd nut?), no radius, wide enough for 7 string. Also, somebody in an earlier post said something about an MDF board..maybe it was a joke, but wondering if you'd actually do it? haha email? jakergoodwin@hotmail.com
  5. I would also like to know if your still doing this..I shot you an email about a week ago but since no reply I wasn't sure if your still doing this stuff. Maybe I'll resend the email since my iphone is telling me it was never sent lol
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