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    Proper Foam for case?

    My recently acquired Telecaster came with a no-name generic hard case, The case is in decent shape, but the fit to the guitar is lousy. The guitar slides around inside and allows the head stock to collide with the end of the case. I’m preparing to make a foam insert to snug up the fit inside the case. What is the better foam product to use; rigid PVC foam insulation board or compressible closed (or open cell) polyurethane foam? I intend to cover the foam insert with a similar "fur" covering to what is already in the case.
  2. Imagineer

    Selector Switch Location?

    Here’s the next installment of “Stupid questions from Imagineer”… What determines where the pickup selector switch is located? This weekend, the time management gods should be smiling upon me and I might have some time to get back into my ES-335 copy, righty to lefty conversion. First on the agenda is to locate and mark where I want the controls and switch. It's not as simple as just mirroring the locations because the controls I’m using are stacked. So including the switch, there will only be 3 new holes in the body. Also, to make things cleaner (and easier since it a semi hollow), I’m thinking of locating the selector switch near the controls (similar to Teles and Strats). Being a non-player (so far), I’m not familiar with the pros and cons of having the selector switch located; below or above the strings, forward of the pickups or behind. It seems to me it’s more efficient to have the switch located below the strings.