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  1. Hi Scott... well, I don't have much time to spare on guitars lately.

    One is finished and sounding, I just can't take a decent picture of it, but thinking on calling a buddy to do the photoshoot... the other one is ready for the finishing. I bought some water based laquer and wanted to try with that, as nitro is extremely toxic for my little apartment. I saw some videos of people using this stuff and the result is not so bad, so maybe is worth a try.

    In the meanwhile, I enjoy watching your progress, is the only cool thing of Mondays. ;) 

  2. 20 hours ago, jpecc said:

    My main goal was to share a very personal project with a group that has experience and knowledge about guitar builds and maybe get a little feedback.

    Hi @jpecc, feel free to open a post of your project here if you want feedback from us, better than posting in a forum which requires to be registered to see the post. Registrations usually take a couple of minutes and most of us lazy dogs are not willing to do. :D  But for some weird reason we love to see pics of people working so you will get some comments for sure. Your guitar looks really cool for a first attempt, you should definitely keep building more of them.

    I voted for the one which is in the stage, because that's a real plus to me. I'm not fan of headless and I really don't like the signature in the top, but yeah... it's in the stage.

  3. On 28/03/2018 at 10:57 PM, scorpionscar said:

    I'm thinking about another method casue miter box and japanesse saw doesn't work in ebony. It tooks me hours when the normal thing is to do it in half an hour. Any ideas?

    The saw gets stuck in the slots because it's not perfectly perpendicular during the whole process. It happens to me too, so you're not alone. What I do is, as soon I notice it gets stuck, I try to find the right angle, moving the blade left-right and continue without forcing the saw. If you force the saw, you might bend the blade and therefore increase the problem.

    This is similar to handling a tricky key in a door, you have to find the right position before open it. ;)

  4. 51 minutes ago, ScottR said:

    Now I take a fret dressing file and round back the sharp little ends of the frets where they contact the edge of the fret board

    Here is where I fail... there's always a small triangle left from the corner stuck to the fretboard... If I want to get rid of it, then the file pass through the tape and makes a mark in the wood, even if the file is flat in that side. Really annoying.

    Thanks for the detailed explanation btw, I'll try next time. :) 


  5. 6 hours ago, ScottR said:

    I was a little surprised that the layers were not visible on the honed part of the blade. I assume that's normal....:mellow:


    That's because the etching is done before the sharpening, I believe... got addicted to watch videos from blacksmiths in youtube. Really fascinating stuff, some Damascus knives are made with more than 1000 layers. 

    Forgot to say... that handle you made is gorgeous.

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