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  1. Hello My name is Tyson, Im new here. I would like to assemble a guitar from parts, possibly. I joined my first band 5 years ago, bought a MIM Strat, my friend upgraded the pickups, I love this guitar will not get rid of it. However it has a tremolo bridge, which i do not like. not into tremolos. I dont like guitars that go out of tune when a string breaks. I blocked it off, but the guitar didn't feel as good after, So i put it back the way it was. My other guitar is a frankinstein aria my friend gave me, this thing has some great qualities, it has one dirty fingers humbucker in the neck. hum wired to a pot so you can blend one of the coils, making it a single coil. Rosewood fret board super silky, sounds great. However , bolt on neck with no plate, has to be re set alot. also pots are shitty. looks really bad, What I want Rosewood fret board Hardtail Strat or tele body. not super important just like em Quaity pickups quailty neck Tunning stability quality hardware Thats the basic idea, this is my first time, I dont really care about brand names, I care about reliabilty and sound. I have no idea about: Musical qualities of wood... what woods for the body to stay away from what companies have decent hardware Are there good donor guitars? could I buy somthing cheap and change a few things? Budget $550 Thanks any help would be apprecitated Tyson
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