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  1. Oh, wow! This is exactly what I was thinking could be done, but didn't know exactly how to word it. Thanks, Prostheta! I greatly appreciate your input. Due to all of the other mods that I want to do to the guitar, I'm not all that worried from the "fix" being invisible. My ultimate goal is to have the guitar look "industrial", slightly steampunk-ish. So any imperfections will just give the guitar character. I will definitely use this week to plan for and this weekend to execute your suggestions. I shall keep you posted on my progress!
  2. Hello, board. First time poster here and I was wondering if you could offer any insight if possible. I am in the middle of converting an Ibanez GRX20 from a non-locking FAT 6 tremolo to an double-locking Floyd Rose licensed Ibanez trem. FAT 6: http://imgur.com/MOIyIPD FR Ibanez: http://imgur.com/9dDknOM Everything is going good so far regardless of it's slow going because of my measuring up to 4 times for confirmation. However, there is one thing that I flubbed on. The original hold for the FAT 6 trem block was too small on the "first string" side. I had to make some room for the tremolo arm coupling (much like some guitars with FR tremolos have that divot to compensate for the piece). Well, unfortunately, I took too much off to where the whole extends past tremolo base on that "first string" side of the bridge: http://imgur.com/HSwl1RV I'm embarrassed to admit that I used a Dremel with a cylinder sanding bit, but you live and learn. My question is, is there any way to attempt to fill that in with some kind of putty or filler so that I can go back and properly rout it out to compensate for the tremolo arm coupling? Or... am I just f@#%? Like I said, any help, comments, advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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