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  1. hey guys finished guitar number 2 this one is going to a friend that had quite alot of input into the design including the 1 neck pickup which im very fond of the look of. im really happy how its turned out woods are mahogany for the neck, hollow body and pickup cover with a flamed maple cap and the fretboard is rosewood all the hardware is gotoh and its got a split coil pickup going from underwound to a normal p90 sound all using a push pull pot giving alot of versatility to a one pickup guitar. it was stained and then finished with tru oil its standard gibson scale length and it sounds awesome hope you guys like it
  2. Hi first of all i apologize as the pics are taken on my phone as i dont have a good digital camera. This is my first ever build and i set out to make my ideal guitar and did it as a one to one course in manchester England with phillip porter guitars and had a great time doing it so i am sure i will have another guitar to enter in the near future !!! It was designed completely for my preference and as a bit of background i love the sound of semi hollow guitars and offset styles, single coil pickups, i also love the feel of strats but there were allways things i dont like about off the shelf guitars some of which are the access to the upper frets, neck profiles ect (i love a thin neck profiles but i have found most vintage style guitars have quite thick necks) and i like very light guitars, i wanted something individual but that has a sort of vintage vibe to it. and i always wanted my signature on the top of a guitar i have found this to be a love or hate guitar when i have shown it to people but for me it is perfect. I hope you guys love it too Specs: Body wood : swamp ash Top wood : flame maple Neck wood : Flame maple Fretboard : ebony Inlays: ablone control cavity cover : copper backed flamed maple (from the neck offcuts) The body is 2" thick in total. Hollowed out and carved on the top and back of the body to allow easy access to the frets, a back cut out, arm rest, angles on the top and sunk in volume and tone controls this was definitely the trickiest part of the build.maintaining a 10mm thickness on the back and 6mm on the top but it gives it a wonderful sound. I have included pictures off this on my build blog which i will Finnish shortly if anyone is interested The neck is a thin C shaped profile, scale length is 25.5" and it has 24 frets at its longest point and 20 on the low E due to the s shape that is on the end of the fretboard and is continued through the guitar on the body and headstock to give it the very unusual offset look the tuning keys are schaller da vincis and the bridge is schaller 3d-6 which is a top loading bridge the paint is a very strong blood orange colour mixed in with the lacquer whilst spraying the cap also the cap was stained with black dye and sanded black it is also slightly burst with black by airbrush to give the appecance of a binding using the cap wood It was all done using AC lacquer it has dunlop internal straplocks and the pickups are underwound p90s that i wound myself, you might have noticed there is no pickup selector, i allways play with a blend of pickups and prefered the look without the selector switch. Hope you guys like it as much as me!!!
  3. Thanks appriciate the kind words
  4. That is a quality combo love teles with a p90 in the neck
  5. thanks i appreciate that its always nice to hear someone else likes my crazy design haha i will make sure to get some more pictures up after i get it painted and the electrics in and p90's are amazing pickups never really liked the sound of humbuckers. I a big single coil fan!
  6. Thanks man I wanted to keep the shape going through the body the same s line is on the top of the headstock too was going for an offset look
  7. Haha hope they don't make a home in there but thanks I think it looks pretty cool
  8. Yeh it's all a matter of taste the body itself is smaller than normal and I wanted them to be a big feature but I can definately see where your coming from alot of people aren't going to like that there different sizes as well but I love it which is the most important thing
  9. I know we couldnt find any more surfaces to clamp it but if I could have I would have we got alot of pressure round the edges and it glued together well so it's all turned out ok
  10. one thing i forgot to mention was that we routed a channel in the body before glueing for the pickup wires to go trough all that was left when we unclamped was to sand the body so they matched rout the p90's, drill the jack socket in and the stap bottons and the back pickup into the body chamber (so we could get the wires to the pots then we are ready for the paint and thats where im up to going to keep the colour a surprise though be back in a month when its done with the answer
  11. do you think we used enough clamps haha
  12. Finally we filed and sanded in the cap so it all fit together tightly exactly where it lined up with the bottom section of the body on the 3 pin system we were using. forgot to take any pictures at this point and got stuck stait into the carving and staining the cap which we then sanded back though again so it just highlights the grain once the paint goes on. the reason we did it at this stage was because the neck is staying as a natural wood Finnish so didnt want to get the stain on the neck. when we were finnished it was ready to be glued together
  13. We made an interlocking template and routed the end of the neck into shape and sawed off the excess as being demonstrated by my glamorous assistant james
  14. Finally ready to start fitting it all together and rout the neck pockets in the cap and in the body. we made some more templates and pushed forward you might notice from the pics that the cap is cut in an s shape that is how the end of the neck will be also so we cut it slightly forward from where it needs to be in the cap so we could file it in exactly to shape more on this later
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