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  1. Max Bosco

    Poor guy inlay (CA and... flour!)

    Mateyboy, the interesting thing is that different materials react in different ways to CA producing unexpected colors/textures... so there's a lot to experiment with! Next time I want to try with colored chalks to see if the color is preserved. And what about sea shells? We have to try... Feel free to share your works!
  2. While waiting for the postman (to deliver the veneers for a LP-style guitar I'm customizing), I dared to do something I had in mind for a long time. Just tried to fill an inlay using the Stewmac "Super glue & soda trick". The problem is I had no soda so I've tried with some flour... Didn't expect too much from this experiment, but I have to say I'm quite happy with the result... it doesn't look like MOP, of course, but I like the vintage/grungy color, it fits very well with the design and what I had in mind. These are some pics:
  3. Max Bosco

    Headstock veneer (need some advice)

    Thanks Curtisa!
  4. Hello there, my first post here. Just took a look around and it seems a very nice community, I think it's the right place to ask some advice I want to add a headstock veneer with some custom graphics on a LP style guitar, so I bought 3 sheets of black gabon ebony (see pic, currently waiting for delivery). The thickness of the sheets is 0.5mm so I have to glue them together (I think 1.5mm is ok, right?). I'm looking for any tip(s) on how to create a perfect sandwich. Which kind of glue should I use? How much? How to apply the glue? Any particular thing I should know? I'm a bit worried because of the thikness, I fear the sheets will crumble very easily if not handled properly Thanks in advance, any suggestion is welcome!