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  1. tenacious_g

    Plank Dimensions?

    is there any websites that are recommended for guitar planks? all the sites im finding dont have the proper size for me. Id like to buy one full size plank for the body and one for the neck and call it good, no gluing involved
  2. tenacious_g

    Plank Dimensions?

    Im buying some wood planks to get started on my first build, I was wondering what dimensions I need for the body and neck, i measured them, but I'm not sure if i need to leave some room for error? Im doing a classic strat body. Also, is zebra wood a good wood to work with on a guitar body? I know some woods can't handle the stress and they break
  3. tenacious_g

    Curving the body

    would sandpaper serve the same purpose as a finer file or rasp?
  4. tenacious_g

    Curving the body

    Ive routed out the body, what tool do i use to curve or contour the body. Also, maybe put a link with a demonstration video that youve found?