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  1. Here's some electronics eye candy for you all (if I do say so myself). The setup is a reverend/G&L inspired circuit for 2 humbuckers. 5 way selector > master volume(blower switch) > master treble tone > master bass tone > output Blower switch sends bridge pickup directly to output bypassing all controls. 5 way allows: P1- neck only P2- Neck+bridge out of phase (parallel) P3- Neck+bridge in phase (parallel) P4- Neck+bridge in phase (series) P5- bridge only Also considering adding mini dpdt slider switches inside the cavity to allow switching between series and parallel wiring on each humbucker!
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    Super Switch noob: Will this work?

    Boyo! Wish I could find an edit post button.... posted that from mobile and have only just seen all of the errors..
  3. Hey people of project guitars! 5d Later in the year I am planning to build a guitar sporting 2 railhanmer humbuckers, this being my first humbucker guitar. I had been planning to run a simple 3 way slider and a shared volume/tone circuit as well as a push pull volume to switch the humbuckers to a series configuration. I have purchased all of the components required for this setup..... But then I learnt if the awesome power of the double wafer super switch. I had been torn as to wether I wanted the push pull to be an OOP or series bucker... only to realise that with a super switch I might be able to do both worth no push pull pot. I took a crash course in how the switch functioned then slaved for over an hour trying to design a circuit. I've come up with a schematic that I'm pretty confident in but having never worked with the switch would love some input as to whether it will function and if there is a better way. My drawing is supposed to achieve 1 - N 2 - N+B OOP 3 - N+B parallel 4 - N+B series 5 - B