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    Exotic woods guitar, Advise and Tips Needed

    Thanks to everyone who as replied to this post, im still in the process of getting all of the raw woods. Sorry about being pretty inactive on this site, very new to it too and didnt check on it for a while. I've gathered the Wenge, Black Palm and Masaccar ebony so far. The ebony was a perfectly sized piece just a little larger than what i need for the fret board so their is some room for error while working with it.(I can provide photos later on) I am still on the look for the zebra wood for the top and a wood for the neck. Thanks to your post Komodo, I am more aware of the strength of the wood that will be needed. Im still very partial for koa for the looks and tone purpose, and would still like to use this wood in my build. But doing a multi piece neck with the koa and cocobolo or wenge is very interesting and I'm most likely going do a multi piece neck now. How do you guys think a 3 or 5 piece neck of koa and cocobolo or koa and wenge would be against the strain of the strings force. I got a big enough piece of wenge that i'd to be able to do a koa wenge 3 piece neck. I feel like that would be super unique but not sure of practically of it. ;
  2. Hi guys so recently I've been wanting to get a new guitar and I fall onto doing a build myself. I have a little bit of an idea of what I want to do and the woods I want to use, but not too much detail after that, I can definitely use some advice and recommendations. So here are my plans. The Idea for the guitar is a 8 string guitar multi scale (26 1/4 inch at the high E and 28 1/2 at the low F) with fanned frets. I want to tone to be bright and crisp with really good articulation of the notes. I have which woods id like to use and ill organize from head stock down... Headstock - Koa Macassar ebony (as the trust rod cover) Neck - Koa Fret board - Macassar Ebony Body - I'm plan on having Wenge and Black Palm alternating, Like so. Wenge, black palm, Wenge, black palm, Wenge with a Zebrawood Top For hardware I want to do 2 slanted Humbuckers with a straight single coil in-between them. I want the pick ups to be passive, but really articulate. I was thinking bareknuckles for the humbuckers, but I'm not sure for the single coil or if how that whole layout will work. As for the rest of the hardware I'm not too sure on what to go with, but I do know I want a individual piece bridge. I just started planning this out but I would like to get some advice and tips if anyone has some for me. Edit.. I know that Black Palm is very difficult to work with and I dont plan on doing to much wood work for it but just enough to sandwhich it between the Wenge wood in the body. The other woods seem to be around the same intermediate levels to woodwork, This is a Rough (ROUGH) Layout of the woods front of the guitar http://imgur.com/a/B08sF Back of the Guitar http://imgur.com/a/jctGK