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  1. Black Ice drive with a rotary switch?

    It is a variable tone circuit and I just want any ideas that that could be replaced with because I don't like it but I don't want useless/dummy controls.
  2. Black Ice drive with a rotary switch?

    I just hate the way it changes my sound my pickups are already changed to something different and I still hate the rotary switch.
  3. Black Ice drive with a rotary switch?

    I just want any opinion on what to do with it because I hate it and want something different or weird in there. Any options or ideas are helpful.
  4. I have a BC Rich mockingbird with a 5 way rotary switch that I absolutely hate except for one position. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to hook up a black ice drive or any other kind of mod you guys might know. I even thought of putting a wah inductor in there but then again I don't know! Any reply helps, thanks in advance guys.