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  1. Thanks Scott. I'm a bit worried if I resaw it, given its craziness that its going to go wonky on me and not be flat enough to end up with two usable top plates. It is good and dry though, maybe I should go for it. Jason
  2. Hey all, I'm new here. A little background about me-I'm a professional furniture maker, been doing it 20 years as a career, longer as a hobby. I build custom residential pieces and the occasional commercial project. I've been playing guitar since I was 10, or 35 years. I built my first steel string acoustic, an OM sized EI Rosewood and Sitka about 10 years ago. It became my go to guitar, I even sold my Martin D40 after letting it languish in the case for a few years. I started another almost immediately after, another OM but mottled makore and lutz spruce. Need to finish that up. Anyway. An old shop mate, very talented woodworker and a great picker as well passed away last year. I helped his family clean out his shop, sell equipment etc. I was given some great wood from his stash, including this killer chunk of big leaf maple burl. It so happens to be about perfect size for a one piece guitar body. It's about 2" thick. I know most carved top Les Paul's and PRS and the like are only topped with the fancy maple. Would I be totally nuts to just use it as is? Or should I resaw it in half and make two? I'm heading in the direction of a double cutaway Les Paul Jr, I think. Would it be too heavy? There is some wane on the back, which is really cool and curly, as well as a void right in the center to think about if resawing it. I think building a really sweet guitar from this wood would be a fitting tribute to Ross. I look forward to spending my free time this winter on it. Would love to hear input and suggestions. Thanks Jason
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