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  1. mattijuntunen

    Latest build "Bertha"

    Thank you so much! Lucked out with that burl. It is rare that they dont have rotten away inside. They grow just below ground these burls. Really weird stuff. I will be around for sure.
  2. mattijuntunen

    Latest build "Bertha"

    Thank you! Totally agreed. Every guitar should fit snuggly against ones body. Yes! Next build will probably have more progress documentation. I'll hang around! Trying to catch up with all the excellent builds around here. So much inspiration!
  3. mattijuntunen

    Latest build "Bertha"

    Thank you so much! I think so too. People dont seem scared of cnc's and odd ideas here. Just my place.
  4. mattijuntunen

    Latest build "Bertha"

    New here! Located in northern Sweden, where i live with my SO and 4 cats in a small village with 10 inhabitants. Been building on and off for maybe 10 years, with varied levels of commitment. This is my first own design, and i try to use as much local wood as possible. The neck is a 5-piece laminate from flamed birch and mahogany with a double action truss rod and a fretboard of Pau Ferro. Body wings are made from a reclaimed barn floor of spruce(i think). Top wood is sallow burl and the head is birch burl. 27,5" scale length, 6100 frets, approx 9-12" compund radius, Gotoh tuners, Tooyful individual bridge saddles, Dimarzio Super 3, compensated nut. Finished with linseed oil - shellac - satin nitro. More pics from the build here: https://imgur.com/a/s1bzn And a quick video can be found here: So... Hi guys! Guessing i am here to stay! Fun to hang around likeminded people! Cheers!