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  1. Thanks for that I have attacked with a multimeter and found Black negative flat side White positive flat side Red negative screw side Green positive screw side Found thid by finding the pairs then, finding which is positive by swapping wires till meter jumps plus as in the video. So I'm guessing red and white together Bare and black to earth (volume pot) Green to switch Does this sound correct
  2. Topic and post number 1 for me I have just purchased a pair of Wilkinson hot humbuckers to upgrade a guitar I have just bought. I am also fitting stereo jack and kill switch but they are simple. The issue I have is I have read wilkinsons are wired differently to seymores but I have no wiring diagram Wire colours are same as seymore apart from a big shielded black which im taking as bare White Red Green Black Big black Can anyone confirm weather the below is correct for my wilks same as duncans Ant help greatly appreciated
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