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  1. To be honest, I can totally agree with you. I wanted to make the ultimate guitar that can do anything. But I realized recently what I need is just some good pickups which I like the sound of. That's all. Now I am thinking to drop even the tone control (never use it). The only thing I might do is make a serial/paralell switch. But it's depends on the pick up that I will choose.... still undecided.
  2. Sorry I have just realised that the title is not finished. I can't see the way to edit it. "Some electrical question".
  3. Hi guys, I am in the progress of guitar making. Still there is some work left on the body but slowly I am getting to the point where I need to install all the electrical parts (well...about 2-3 months time... it's a slow project). I was think a lot (still thinking) what would be the best way for the wiring. I've got a 'great' idea but I am not sure if it's possible to be carried out the way I want it. So my guitar will have 2 humbucker + one P90. I wouldn't like to install a traditional pickup selector but instead I want the volume control serve as on off switch like for a radio. I am not sure if this kind of switch available for electric guitars but hopefully I can get something from an electronic hardware store. So there would be 3 volume control pot (on/off switch) for each pickup + a master tone pot. Also, (and that's where it starts complicated) I would like to split the humbucker to work as a single coil if I want it. But I don't really want to install more switches. Is there a push/pull pot available that can serve as an on/off switch as well? Or am I asking too much? Or if you have any idea how I can work out my plan that would be great. Thanks
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