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  1. No, no, I'm sure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEoG4FiUqC4
  2. Just for the records, today I had a bit more time to inspect some Epiphones and in all of them the bridge (that was a B700 instead of the more expensive B7) was never perfectly straight on neither sides and sat differently on the top of each guitar. Not even the felts under it where always in the same place, so, having put mine in a shape that fits more or less the guitar I think I can be satisfied with the result. PS: the Chinese can count to ten with one hand!
  3. Russian, American, all the same, all made in Taiwan [keeps bashing the computer with a hammer] 6 for 6€ plus shipping? Mmh, not bad I may think about it :D
  4. Thanks, but the pins are just normal spring-steel elastic pins 1.5x12mm. Conrad.de has them but I need 6 and they sell a box with 200. I mean, it's about 6EUR, but still, if I could find only 6 I'd prefer, what do I do with 194 elastic pins???
  5. I took the russian approach: it bent? Put it straight! I used a piece of wood as support and carefully but firmly bent it with my hands (but first I removed all the moving parts). It's relatively soft, it may very well be Aluminum. First I straighten it out, but after checking on the guitar I saw that it fits better with a slight bend downwards, so I went back and bent it symmetrically. Now it sits very nicely on the curve of the top. But now I have to find new elastic pins to replace the old ones that I damaged while removing them...
  6. Yep, that's the Bigsby model I have (well, a cheap copy, actually). As for the drum shells, I built my kit long time ago, I also put a kind of how-to guide on line, but it was only in Italian and Spanish and probably the site is down now. Now I have some more (and better) wood at hand and as soon as I have some time to rebuild the tools I'll give it another go and build some more shells to replace my old ones. But I'm afraid it's not going to be Gretsch style sparkle jet!!!
  7. Hi Bizman, thanks for the reply. Little off-topic, I think we met already on the forum at Crimson Guitars, didn't we? do you know what happened over there? I tried to send them an email but to no avail. Anyway, happy to find you here! As for the installation instructions: yes, I've seen them too, but to me that means that the two parts where the screws go should lie on the same plane, not necessarily that the entire part should be flat. In the end it's going to be screwed on an arched top. When I have time I'll see if they still have the Epi 335 Bonamassa at Musicstore and try to figure it out. Unfortunately the only blueprints I've found of the B7 are from the top and not from the side.
  8. Hi All, my name is Max, I'm from Italy and live in Germany and I have some experience in guitar and drumshells (!!!) building. I came across a copy of a Bigsby B7 that looks decent but at a closer look, that is when trying to fit it on a semiacoustic like a 335, the problems start. Now, this is my first experience with this type of vibrato, so I'm not sure where the problem is. I'll try to be as clear as possible: If I check the bottom surface of the unit, the side below the spring is perfectly flat, while the other side is slightly bent downwards, therefore it doesn't sit properly on the guitar top. My guess would be that it's supposed to be flat, is it correct? Do you think it would be safe to try and bend it to a more correct shape? Thanks in advance, Max.
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