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  1. Just reread what I wrote... I don't have any worries. That's not quite right, I'll definitely have lots of semi worries. Mentally I need to get my head around a few points. Any info on making sure the neck angle is correct (before gluing) or pointing in the direction of good articles would be appreciated.
  2. Probably a few prudent comments above but I did go ahead and ordered a Les Paul Junior kit, £135 delivered not cheap, cheap but I'm hoping for something reasonable. I have a few neck related tools tools fret rocker, notched straight edge but will but a decent crowning file (probably go for something from Crimson in the UK), I'll do some searching round our local kitchen worktop suppliers see if I can get some corian for the fret levelling beam but otherwise will buy a dedicated tool. Hopefully the neck will be reasonable and not need too much work but if it is Steve Robinson Manchester Guitar Tech is very reasonable and has a great reputation so would let him take a look (last resort though). All being well I'll do a build thread to show my progress. I'll take my time and hopefully do a good enough job to encourage me to work towards building from scratch. I have done basic setups on around 12-15 guitars and always felt I've improved the playability of them so if the neck doesn't have any issues I don't have any worries.
  3. Thanks all for the advice and links.... Ron that is some amazing info you have shared: ) To date I've done most things with regard to guitar setups apart from fret levelling. I need to buy a couple of crowning files and some fret protectors whilst looking for a usable piece of corian (thanks for the tip Ron). I do have fret rocker and notched straightedge. I am tempted to jump in at the deep end but head keeps saying take it easy there's plenty of time: ) Thanks again
  4. Hi I would love to build a guitar from scratch but am a long way off doing so at the moment as I really don't have the skills or tools necessary... yet! I do have a decent set of home DIY tools and realise I'll need more dedicated tools in the the long run and coming from an engineering background (although a long time ago) I developed confidence and an eye for doing things properly. Thinking about the whole process it is probably the finishing that I'm least confident about. My thoughts are rather than jump in at the deep end I should buy a cheapish kit and learn about setups, fret levelling and finishes. In my minds eye I want to do a set neck LPJ DC and finish in TV Yellow. I've seen some Chinese kits which are reasonably priced and whilst may not be the best they will allow me some money to spend on tools and give me some challenges on the way: ) See below. Kit 1 Kit 2 Any immediate thoughts about these kits? I'd probably go for the cheapest option as it has all the bits to complete (though are probably of poor quality and still may need replacing). I think Kit 2 may be slightly more accurate. If anyone has had a Musoo kit, I'd be interested in your thoughts about quality of woods and general experience. Thinking about finishes, can a mahogany guitar be stained TV Yellow and finished with oil to any degree of success? Or should I be thinking nitro? All thoughts and comments welcomed: )
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