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  1. Sorry for the late reply, just noticed that i had a response, first of all thanks for all of the responses, you are amazing. I uploaded another picture so you can see the angle of the strings at the bridge, Something worth mentioning is that the plastic that comes bellow the bridge when it comes from the fabric was there before i changed the strings. It was pretty thick so that might be part of the issue. I did adjust the height on the bridge to try and compensate, but the action became way to big. @mistermikev your idea of the spring not being in the right position might be a good consideration, i will try to move it and see if the trem assembly lowers. Actually just saw a reference image and noticed that the spring is way off, that must be it. @Bizman62 Thanks bizman for noticing that the tremolo body was off the top.
  2. Hello, i made a huge mistake and took the guitar strings without marking where the bridge was. I changed the strings and tried to set up the bridge, but when i play the guitar, the strings come out of the rollers. Does someone have advice on this matter? Thanks, Tomás. The strings are .10 to .52
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