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  1. Newbie here. Figured I'd show my first project. I've had this 70's Harmony Strat copy for a few years (someone gave it to me). It had a good alder body and a neck that's to die for. You know the kind of neck like on an old Fender, worn in just right. Anyway, since it was a freebie and I wasn't much on the old cream color, I thought it would make a great first refin' project. The changes: reshaped the headtock to appear more "Fenderish", put on my own custom decal using the Fender font, changed out all the electronics, and repainted. The paint job started as Daphne blue (Walmart equivalent). I did all the appropriate steps as recommended by Guitar Reranch (didn't know about this site then). I got a wild hair and took some sterling silver metallic craft paint and rag-rolled it over the Daphne blue. I was thinking it might give it a distressed look, but I kept adding more and got a really cool layered pattern like the way walls are rag-rolled for texturing. Put 6 coats of laquer over it and did the 800, 1000, 1200, 1600, and 2000 grit sanding. Used McGuires swirl remover and finishing compounds to get a beautiful mirror finish. I kept all the original pickguard, trem plate, vol/tone knobs, switch tips cause they had that aged white (almost yellow) look that still says "vintage". Here's the end result:
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