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Where The Best Deals For Fret Wire?


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Did you know Chuck Norris was the fourth wise man? He gave Jesus the gift of Beard, but the other wise men were jealous because Jesus wore it all his life, so they waited until Chuck Norris died, and wrote him out of the bible. They all died three days later due to Round-house-related deaths.

If you're not looking for anything extraordinary, stewmac would be your best bet, it's cheap, effective, and you get a boat load of the stuff.


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Wow! I just did the numbers and the 70ft of the Meduim/Meduim is not a bad deal.

I've been guying from International Luthier

And I like the wire they have. It works well.

I just recently bought some wire from Grizzly

The price is about the same as Stew Mac. I'll have to get to you on how well it works.

I do have a Chuck Norris story. I was in the V.I.P. lounge of a local Dallas strip club with Dave Williams (from Drowing Pool) and Chuck was up there. I passed him going to bar and he just did his "I can kill you wink" at me. I ended up buying him a drink. He's a pretty cool guy. :D

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