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  • Guitar Of The Month - July 2015

    @ginner, "Titan Emerald"


    This is my newest creation.

    • 25.5" scale
    • Honduran mahogany body and neck
    • Paduak laminate in neck
    • Quilted maple top/headstock veneer
    • Bare Knuckle Painkillers
    • Evertune bridge
    • Coil tapping on the tone knob
    • Matching backplate
    • Entirely oiled
    • Hipshot open gear locking tuners
    • Heavy volute

    Something special about this one - to match the Bare Knuckle battle worn pickups, the top has been gouged and worn down in some spots deep. This is where you see the "lighter" green staining. Between the contouring of the top and the pickup covers, it has a really war torn feel. Hope you like it.

    Thanks Guys!


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