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  • Guitar Of The Month - November 2014

    @Renkenstein, "Renk - Siren Prototype"

    "This was my first completed build. I started it in March after shelving an LP copy build I had botched. Just over a year ago I moved into a place that had room for a shop. I immediately hit the flea markets to equip myself for my life's quest of building guitars. I was reluctant to buy high quality timber for this build, so I worked with what I had on hand, which was some odd dimension mahogany and a maple offcut that could hardly even be described as figured. Where she falls short in looks, she makes up for in playability and sound. I had the pleasure of playing her onstage at a local jam show, and received rave reviews. It was a proud moment in my life.

    "Since these pictures were taken, I added a 3 way toggle between the 2 volume knobs, which can be seen in the final pic.

    • Body: Mahogany back, Maple top
    • Neck: 5 piece Mahogany/Maple laminated construction, curly Maple fretboard
    • 25.5" scale length with a zero fret and a Corian nut
    • Hipshot Griplock open gear tuners
    • Hipshot fixed bridge
    • DiMarzio Evolution (bridge)
    • Ibanez V8 (neck)
    • 3-way toggle
    • Allparts truss rod
    • Tru-Oil satin finish


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