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  • Guitar Of The Month - September 2019

    Hi Guys!
    I Love this forum and I am very excited to present to you my first guitar.
    I've been playing guitar occasionally for approx. 20 years now and did some minor repairs before.
    I've been working on it for about 3 months.
    Just have some final fret levelling to do in the future - did it twice already and it's getting better every time :)
    The project is mine from start to finish and it was meant to be experimental.
    At the start planed to use the standard headless bridge, but had some old broken guitar machine heads begging to be reused.
    I used my construction CNC in my workshop.
    My background is mostly 3d construction in architecture/interior/furniture design.

    Name: Hanar

    - maple body&neck
    - black oak fingerboard
    - DIMARZIO DP227BC LiquiFire (ZB, neck)
    - DIMARZIO DP228FBC Crunch Lab F-Spaced (ZB, bridge)
    - 3 position switch
    - scale 25 1/2"
    - 24 steel frets jumbo Sintoms
    - profile "wide fat" C/D
    - 42mm/57mm
    - Finish- Tung oil
    - Fretboard radius - 12







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