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  1. maybe its a dumb idea and i didnt read this thread for a while so i might be totally off on this but heres what i tought,

    how about having the knob on the cavity and the rest of the circuit/board on a box that you could clip on your guitar strap, just like a wireless system ?


  2. artificial and pinch harmonic are the same thing.

    sometimes in tab book you see pinch, or certain other books you see artificial.

    your right about the method , the only thing is that depending on where you pick the string (ex:more closer to the neck pickup or more close to bridge) it will make different harmonic tone.

    hope that helps :D

    p.s. i didnt read the whole thread so maybe that part was explained earlier on, lol.....

  3. heres a little experiment i just made.

    i took 3 sheet of 8½x11" paper and used double sided tape to stick them together length wise to have a sheet of approx. 8½x30".

    i told the printer i had a custom paper size of 8½x30" inches and told him to print the scale, so no need to put it together and risk of screw up when doing so...

    it worked perfectly and i measured each fret spacing with my digital caliper and it seems real good, i think im gonna try to slot my fretboard tonight with it.


  4. ok folks, :D im bringing back to life this thread cause i found out how to print the template with accuracy.

    the problem was on the printer set-up side, it was printing at a proportion of 97% not 100% and you got to tell him to use maximum printable space for the paper.

    ive redone all my template and they are now saved in .dxf format instead of .tcw for more standard issue.

    please , do some test with your printer and check measurement before using it on an actual fretboard to make sure its really 1:1 .

    anyone have some problem post them here, ill try to help you the best i can....

    thanks !!


  5. hello,

    i was fooling around with turbocad today to learn how it work and made this little template of a 24.76 length scale.

    ive placed the fret basing myself from the online calculator and they are as close as possible with 3 decimal after the zero that turbocad would let me.

    just print it on multiple page and paste them then put on your fretboard and youve got the exact point where to mark the fretboard.

    hope this will help people and newbie like me, teel me what you think......



    i have just printed and checked with my digital caliper and even if the drawing is accurate, the printed version is not on scale even thought i choose 1:1 when i printed......

    ive removed the links for now maybe someone who knows this program more have a solution or maybe a home printer cant be accurate enough for this,i dont know....

    sorry people, hope noone has used this and slotted a fretboard with it.. :D

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