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  1. hey, sorry for the late update, i was on vacation.......

    ok, the neck is now fretted and the frets end are flush and beveled.

    im in the process of painting the headstock right now :


    basecoat color is done, i think this baby is ready for clearcoating now. the pic is close to the real color but its much more vivid in person and in sunlight it just jump at you.

    lets hope it continue to go well and i dont screw up !!!! :D

    see ya !!

  2. alright, heres another little update.

    two of the neck mounting screw holes has been plug cause they were badly damage and way oversized even thought the screw still hold in them but not much, theyre gonna be redrill tomorrow as well as sanding the plug flush.


    also this neck had screwless tuner with two pin protuding on one side, and the tuner i got from ebay have screw and not those pin, so i decided to plug them as well but with a steel rod, drilled them 1/8 inch and plug them. i dont know maybe im in a eric johnson mood and think more weight = more sustain so thos plug will put an extra weight on the headstock LOL !!! :D


    hopefully if i have time tomorrow i will glue the fretboard in and leave it still for the week-end.

    stay tuned !!! :D

  3. ok, back from the grave, lol...

    got some downtime and add a urge to work on one of my project guitar yesterday, so i decided to take off the fretboard on my ibanez neck.

    Went pretty well, about an hour to remove with iron and steam, sanded down the headstock to bare wood and im at putting a piece of wood for the locking nut, the neck was a standard nut.

    all in all im pretty glad it went well cause i was a bit scared of doing it.


    thanks for looking.

  4. LOL, yeah actually im pretty tired of black guitar and i dont think ill do a project guitar that will be black anytime soon.

    and the latest guitar i bought is the 7 string in the middle, i wanted a cheap one to try and see if i like seven string and the cheapest one i found was you guess it, BLACK.... :D

    i also have a rg270dx that i made a white pickguard for it so it could be less boring.

    thanks. :D

  5. well, the locking mechanism is nothing too fancy, its just a plastic handle that go into 2 holes on the top, and one side is screwed from underneath and the screw pass trough a compression spring. so you lift the handle and swivel it to take the guitar and swivel it back and put it the hole to lock it.

    glad you like it !!!!

    thanks everybody :D

    p.s. yes the sig is about vai dna jem.

  6. HI there,

    heres my latest little project, i needed some spaces to put my guitar because i only have 3 floor stands and im at 5 guitar plus 2 project guitar so here it is....

    Made from pine and tinted with minwax polyshades (basically a tinted polyurethane), has cabinet door handle with a spring underneath on one side to lock each spaces for added security, and felt strip up and down to protect each guitar finish.

    thanks for looking !!! :D


  7. Well, just picked this up at a store today, its a YAMAHA RGX812-mdr




    I felt in love with this guitar back then in around 1995, i saw a charcoal one in a store but this is just the second one ive seen since then, and its in pretty good shape, almost no fret wear and just a dent or two and all stock. but it will need a very good setup cause the action is set too low and uneven and the neck have a little up bow.

    Its not a collector model or anything but just one that i found to my liking, the first guitar i bought is a rgx 321 and its my main player and the neck i love the most from all my axe. the neck on this one seems petty similar apart from the scallop.

    thanks for looking !!!


  8. sorry folks, no update yet cause time is an issue these days.

    BUT, i have a question for canadian fellow outhere, i was planning on buying my dimarzio pickups (PAF Pro or EVO) from brian over here, but i saw on his website that he cannot ship dimarzio outside the u.s., so anybody knows a cheap place to get dimarzio pickup in custom color (red for me) in canada or that will ship to canada.



  9. also bought a planet wave about 3 weeks ago and i must say it is the best cable i used in my life, lots of cool characteristic like :

    gold plated, sort of spring on the jack itself that makes the cable really snug in the jack hole, it dont move at all so no noise and one of the end is shieled, this side goes to the amp or effect etc. for reducing hum and ground loop. theres even a sort of tie-down that hold the cable round for transport or storage.

    same price as the standard dimarzio but much better.

    take a look at them, you wont be disapointed.


  10. speaking of soft frets,

    im thinking about putting some stainless steel fret on this one.

    I would like your opinion, does it worth the hassle of working with those, and do you need some special tool or you can get away with it with normal tool for normal fret?

    opinion from those who have experience with them would be appreciated.

    thanks !


  11. LOL, no wonder i didnt find one anywhere, well black it will be then, thank guys for pointing this out to me.

    @alex, im pretty sure its a real one, not a fake, it has the writing on the block and its really well made, as well as the top-lok and retainer bar and stud/insert.... and its an edge, not a lopro or lopro egde, it has the locking cap screw for the saddle block that goes all the way back past the fine tuner.

    thanks again !!!!


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