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First Build - Les Paul W/ A Few Mods

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First build ive done... forgive the beginners mistakes, there wasnt much in the way of tools, and im strapped for cash so no fancy edge following router bits either, most of its free hand and then had to be corrected as tools became available! Pics taken from a cell phone camera but here it is:


Solid mahogany body, with an oak veneer top

Bolt-on neck made from some unknown material (its taken from another guitar... will build one in the future)

22 fret Les Paul style

Dimarzio pups with independent coil split control for each via push pull

Strat-style bridge with trem


By ma_tt11 at 2010-08-08

Had to join the pieces, all mahogany, just wasnt wide enough


taking down the wood - was far too thick... it was also at this point id wished there had been some investment placed in a planer

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Its flat now, everything marked out and preliminary holes for the pickups have been drilled... a little more time and care has been put in now compared to what it looked like before


A scroll saw has been used to cut out the control cavity, took a few blades but it turned out quite nicely!


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Thanks! I mean... i had to use a router to plane it (wood was almost 3/4 inch thicker than it is now when i started) and it jumped a couple times (see woodfiller)

But routed the control switch cavity today, hoping to do the bridge cavity tomorrow and a slot for a 9V battery outside of the main control area if possible as well.


Burnt the wood a little accidentally, but I hope it doesnt do too much damage in the long run... router bit wasnt quite long enough and i didnt realize early enough

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