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What is this guitar?

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Right... I've loved this guitar since I first saw it but I have no idea what it is, It's the one Richie is playing in the "Runaway" video for Bon Jovi.

At first I thought it may have been a Kramer Classic... But I'm pretty sure it's not after looking at them. All I know is that it's some version of a Tele... Maybe a custom shop Fender, I just don't know but I would love it if someone does!

Here's the video:


If anyone knows what company made it and what model it is, I'd be super grateful!



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On 17/09/2017 at 2:36 PM, 10pizza said:

hey Mike

looks like another version of the Kramer as shown on this page: http://www.richiesamboraguitars.com/kramer/

3rd one down on the left. 

maybe a self constructed model?

you could ask the website-owner , he'll probably know. Looks like he's pretty big a fan ;-)

Thanks... I thought it seemed a bit Kramer-ish. The headstock looks to be Fender-ish though. Maybe a Kramer body and a Fender neck... Who knows :P

Thanks for that link!

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