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  1. +1 same here, I have a room for doing setups etc in my garage which is heated, but not suited for using powertools. I'm thinking of asking my carpenter friend if I can use his workshop a couple of saturdays. Downside is I need to bring all my tools and can't combine it with keeping an eye on my kids Long term plan however is to build a new garage/shed/workshop but that'll be 5-10 yrs from now I'm afraid
  2. lovely top and cool work on the bevel! Wouldn't have thought of that trick!
  3. well, a diploma gives you nothing anyway. Nice to be able to learn from a master though! thx
  4. yup, that's why I also have a hiatus between october and march. Need proper weather conditions to work outside... probably mentioned already but what kind of course are you doing? is it an 'official' luthery school?
  5. took a quick look at the particular guitar and tested by tapping the neck to see if there's anything rattling/buzzing and there is. Given that you have the same problem with several guitars, my problem-solving-guts would say there's something in the way you build them that is causing the problem and not the hardware or setup. If you use the same router bit and truss-rods on those guitars it might explain why they all have the same problem. The cause of it happening over time might be that they've been held in place with some excess glue maybe at first and now have come loose? here'
  6. man! that is frustrating! Had an issue with a setup of a Strat once which was very hard to get properly intonated on the first couple of frets, drove me crazy getting things right! your builds are awesome. Love those in your face colors. I have a similar problem with my first build, I always suspected the truss-rod to be the culprit, but then again, if you have a tightened trussrod, would it be able to still buzz? Will have a further look at the guitar in question and see if I can find anything else while pondering over your issue. I can't imagine with all the people
  7. thanks guys. hope you are doing well.
  8. morning guys and best wishes for the new year, been a while again since last visiting. just in time to vote for the goty, tough choice to make. crappy start of the new year: my father in law passed on jan 1st and my daughter was hospitalized on jan 2nd, turns out she's got a rare disease. hope spring will bring us a better world and weather so I can start working outside on my guitars again ...
  9. nice, clean looking body and cavities. good luck finishing it. Looks like the hard work has been done!
  10. haha, ofcourse! you can tell by my answer I'm not used to building with pickguards
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