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  1. congrats! something different but even more impressive!
  2. i've had a few marauders on my workbench for repairs/setup. Nice guitars, not a model you see a lot. (which I like ) good luck with the build!
  3. managed to do some work last saturday. Shaped the body with the shinto and routed the fretboard on the neck, sanded the headstock. Also created a recess for the electronics cavity cover. Next up is body sanding/filling/priming/painting and neck shaping. I'm thinking of putting wax or lacquer on the maple neck to give it some protection and yellowish finish. Any recommendations?
  4. not mine, but a friend's who has a carpenting/construction company. He's got a lot of room and some nice tools. Happy that I can use it now and then when the place is available. but it's nice to have access to a big planer, bandsaw en proper workbenches!
  5. While using my G&W miter box last weekend I found out I forgot to loosen the bolts after using it last time. Now they were stuck and I messed up the allen-bolts while trying to loosen it probably a good idea to oil or wax them for smooth tightening/loosening. Managed to use it, but need to replace 2 of the bolts used for fixing the height rollers.
  6. Only had a few hours but managed to do most of my list for today: routing neck-pickup to fit body mounted EMG pickup. Routed the control cavity to also fit a battery for the EMG pickups I'll use on this one. Routed the neckpocket some more and shaped the neck for a tight fit. Looks like I'll need to deepen the neckpocket a bit further. Next saturday another chance to do some more work. Then it'll be shaping time and drilling holes for the neck-screws. some pictures:
  7. Oh yeah Tomorrow I will be going to my friends workshop. Finally some time to work on this project. Will also be bringing some wood for the next one. First some routing and shaping on this one!
  8. +1 same here, I have a room for doing setups etc in my garage which is heated, but not suited for using powertools. I'm thinking of asking my carpenter friend if I can use his workshop a couple of saturdays. Downside is I need to bring all my tools and can't combine it with keeping an eye on my kids Long term plan however is to build a new garage/shed/workshop but that'll be 5-10 yrs from now I'm afraid
  9. lovely top and cool work on the bevel! Wouldn't have thought of that trick!
  10. well, a diploma gives you nothing anyway. Nice to be able to learn from a master though! thx
  11. yup, that's why I also have a hiatus between october and march. Need proper weather conditions to work outside... probably mentioned already but what kind of course are you doing? is it an 'official' luthery school?
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