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any tips on archtop with cutaways?

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I'm modelling a cs356 (smaller 335 type) and am doing well up to a point.

The sticking point is  shaping the cutaways which are quite different to those of a Les Paul

I have an instructional vid, but the strategy is to model an un-cutaway guitar and trim the model with a cutaway shaped surface - that gives you a sort of Les Paul cutaway. On youtube vids I've found, no one goes near the cutaways.

So - any advice on where to go foe help insight and general info?





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Have you tried a 2 rail sweep or (depending on your CAD software) Network Surface?

I had trouble with this:



The solution was to build up curves and use both Sweep2Rail and NetworkSurface along with splitting surfaces ect.

You can see the mess I had to go through!


I've never been a fan of the model a cutaway without the cutaway, then cut it out thing... It's always steered me wrong.

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Nice work.

I agree the Un cutaway method doesn't give the desired result and then you have to fix it...

I'm using Rhino basically. I have V Carve but have never tried doing complicated modelling because at this stage I'm still not experienced with the interface.

Did you use cross contour profiles like those that appear on plans?

If I understand correctly you stack up the contour shapes like  a pancake stACK and surface them pair by pair and split and trim.

Does it work arounds the cutaways?

Thanks for your help.




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