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Built-in Capo

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Ever since High School back in the 1800's I've had ideas about guitars and one of them is to tune the guitar to D, and use a capo on the second fret to play mostly in E. Then at some time I had the idea of a built-in Capo

I saw a video once of a chick lead guitarist who had a device attached to the headstock that would mute the open strings while she was doing hammer-ons. And I thought that would be pretty cool if that was a capo

Another idea I have is to overcome the problem of the capo putting you out of tune. Have the fretboard higher between the Nut and the second fret and use lower profile frets for 1st and 2nd. Another idea is to have the capo swing around from underneath or from over the top

There are also other ideas I have floating around but I'm wondering if anyone else has similar ideas or if there is actually something out there like what I'm talking about

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