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  1. I've seen some guitars where they used ferrules in the back and in the front. Just to prevent to damage the wood. I don't know if there is a standard distence to lower a tunomatic bridge. I just bought one and took the dimensions of the bridge. Check how high the bridge is. After that, compare this with the height of the nut. If you make a little drawing of this, you should be able to see the distance between the strings and the frets. Because you can adjust the height of the bridge, I lowered the bridge so the strings touched my last fret. This leaves me enough adjustment space to get the bridge on the exact height. The tunomatic bridge has a fixed radius. So i'm thinking of using the same radius for my fingerboard ( a radius of 350 in my case, but I don't know if this is a standard). Hope this helps a little bit.
  2. don't know if you need a certain distance. I think best way is to make a drawing and pay attention that the strings just hit the saddle of the bridge and nothing else. I'm making a body through with a tun-o-matic bridge. I'm going to sink the bridge because i'm using no angle on my guitar neck. I made the necessary calcultions, and i think it can be done. Hope to post some pics soon. (already made my templates etc... starting the real work any day now)
  3. this is what i made of it. thanks for the information guys. hope i didn't make a mistake here
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