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  1. Hello! im building remodeling the website for the pickups soon they will be for sale they will mass produced in Brazil the website is www.rl-legacy.com thank you
  2. Thank you for your opinions Magnet: ceramic Bridge: 15k Neck: 7.5k
  3. Please feel free to answer and give you sincerely opinion Thank you very much! Here is the video you much watch , all the record was made with no effects , it was used only an amp and a Boss overdrive pedal. All the best http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GxIRE1_u8o
  4. hello here is a guitar i designed for my mark its reference name is "Wix-1" Specs: Frets: 27 Jumbo frets Pickups: Bridge: new humbucker developed by me named "RL-Legacy" ( more info: Flyer and www.rl-legacy.com) Neck:Neodimium Hot-Rail developed by me Bridge: Floyd Rose Body woods: Mahogany and Ash top Neck woods: Ash,Mahogany and Chestnut Fretboard wood: Dark walnut Inlays: Alien Metal signs others: Kill switch instaled
  5. Wix

    Sustainer Ideas

    you saw the video? take a look :http://www.ruiluis.com/sustainerpsw.zip im not arrogant i just know that i saw someone acusing of things that i don´t eaven imagined thats bad!!!
  6. this guitar was build inspired in ancient warriors and combats, but i tried to give it a modern look too, i gave some texture to the painting to feel good at touch, and that black around the body to remenber the ashes after a battle. Pickups are handwind. Sustainer sistem build by me inox inlay fretboard maple neck Floyd rose jumbo frets
  7. Wix

    Sustainer Ideas

    finished your sustainer i hope now you stop acusing or calling me a plagiator or hoax ok? his only proves that your sustainers works but nothing new here is first sound and video samples of psw sustainer download here peace
  8. Wix

    Sustainer Ideas

    man im geting mad with your talking what the hell is your problem? stop anoying me i have notho«ing to do with your paranoia tomorow i will post here a video demosntrating the sound of your f** sustainer its nothing special to build and if contoinue to anoy me i will put here the plans of your "NOT SPECIAL" DRIVERS I WILL BUILD TONIGHT A SISTEM JUST LIKE YOUR!!!!!!!!!!!! SO DON´T MESS WITH ME AGAIN I EXPLAINED YOU A FEW TIMES I DONT NEED YOUR FAKE PROIJECT FOR NOTHING YOU DIDN´GET NOTHING NEW TO ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS WHAT A PARANOIC GUY!!!
  9. Wix

    Sustainer Ideas

    only today had some time to see these awsome grafics good work guys we got pros here hope to have some free time this week to see pogress keep on rocking
  10. Wix

    Sustainer Ideas

    ANSWERS: 1º qwuestion "why it was only after seeing my work did you start your thread on the other site,.." that´s because i discovered something "really" NEW at that time 2º i didn´t forgot my nick just the password ok now it´s everithing explain Rui Luis ---> not a angry guy again concernig to my floyd rose i achieved a very good result i will take som pictures of it and my guitars , and some videos to have peoples opinion about its design and the sound of my humbuckers hand maded based on new philips tecnologieregards
  11. Wix

    Sustainer Ideas

    hey i man ---> PSW i just want to say you were no inspiration fo my work, remenber i work in sustainers for about 5 years and bealeave me your driver is nothing special i know exactly how it works i studied all existing sustainers and all ways , magnetic , mechanical etc ... off produce sustain , and MY SUSTAINER, AND I TELLL AGAIN HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH "YOURS" REMEMBER THIS , and this too before you came with this idea i already builded a sustainer like your in 1999 ( YOUR STARTED WEN 2004? GROW UP), and from then more 4 sustainers so please stop acusing me of watever !!!!!!!!!!!!! and say that im inspired in your work , i could help , but your temper that´s impossible if you continue to with your bad temper i will give your secret( " that isn´t really a secret like you say, i know exactly wich kind of driver you made , not kiding, remenber i studied all about magnetism, electromagnetism, hexdrivers etc ) freely on the net and your kids play its over, i don´t know wy you are making all this peploe entering a dream tht isn´t real peace RUI LUIS --------> angry guy at this moment
  12. Wix

    Sustainer Ideas

    hello i found the info about fernades sustainor here :http://www.firebottle.com/fireforum/fireBB...5373-271179.msg but i think this forum is not there anymore
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