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  1. Name of guitar: Rocker Woods Body - Hard Maple Neck - Hard Maple and mahogany Scale-Black Walnut Pickups developed by me: RL-Legacy from the first generanition Frets - Jumbo
  2. Some 9v battery case for selling , pickguard screws, and violin partshttp://www.ruiluis.com/store.html
  3. hello thank you very much hum maybe i explained my self wrong , what im looking for is a factory of guitars in china that work with cnc machines but following the advise of a member in a previous post maybe in Korea is better i want them to build guitars that i already designed and ship them to me in Perú thank you all
  4. thanks a lot for your information Thank you very much for your information and for warning me, can you point me some factories you know in korea? thanks in advance
  5. theres a god source of factory here thanks a lot I thought tootoomart was a factory lol
  6. thanks man i will check theire quality ! if anyone knows more factory please post here i will check them all and decide for the one that fits my quality requierements all help is apreciated thank you all
  7. hello , i want to some china factory build high quality guitars that i have designed already , in agust i go to peru and merry there and want to open a guitar company , dont know if you understand , my english is not very good sorry
  8. thank you very much i will check it more options people please help me thank you
  9. Hello anyone can point me to some china factories with cnc machines that can ship to Perú? please list as many as possible and website if they have thank a lot
  10. Hello! im building remodeling the website for the pickups soon they will be for sale they will mass produced in Brazil the website is www.rl-legacy.com thank you
  11. Thank you for your opinions Magnet: ceramic Bridge: 15k Neck: 7.5k
  12. Please feel free to answer and give you sincerely opinion Thank you very much! Here is the video you much watch , all the record was made with no effects , it was used only an amp and a Boss overdrive pedal. All the best http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GxIRE1_u8o
  13. hello here is a guitar i designed for my mark its reference name is "Wix-1" Specs: Frets: 27 Jumbo frets Pickups: Bridge: new humbucker developed by me named "RL-Legacy" ( more info: Flyer and www.rl-legacy.com) Neck:Neodimium Hot-Rail developed by me Bridge: Floyd Rose Body woods: Mahogany and Ash top Neck woods: Ash,Mahogany and Chestnut Fretboard wood: Dark walnut Inlays: Alien Metal signs others: Kill switch instaled
  14. Your opinion is very important to me please say something many thanks
  15. Hello , please give me your opinions about this humbuckers i developed , video in youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3c1bbG-diY0 many thanks
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