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  1. Thanks dude! This is my 3rd build and I spent a lot of time on the design, the electronics just came together well after I did some research on newish technology.
  2. Specs: BODY: Hollowed via router Ash with cedar top NECK: 100 years cured Rock Maple three piece laminate FRETBOARD: bookmatched maple from neck wood, Peace Dove inlays SCALE LENGTH: 25.5" NUT: Rosewood TUNERS: Grover BRIDGE: strat style with Piezo NECK PICKUP: inset piezo in between the neck and body joint NECK PICKUP: Seymour Duncan BRIDGE PICKUP: Seymour Duncan ELECTRONICS:2 volume - one for humbuckers one for piezo. 1 tone. 5 way coil tap and a 3 way selector for electric/blend/acoustic. Stereo output for two amps, one electric one acoustic. FINISH: poly and tung Please check out my photos of this guitar My webpage with crapy vid using only electric amp, acoustic makes a big difference with the piezo. The Wild Wood Varatone feature's a hollow ash body with a aromatic cedar top. A five way switch controls it's two coil tapped vintage wound humbuckers. Acoustic piezo bridge saddles are installed for acustic sound. The controls allow the player to switch between electric and acoustic modes, and even blend the two together. Mother of pearl inlays highlight the 100 year old maple neck. Stereo output allows for optimum sound control. Send the Acoustic signal to a different amp to perfect the sound.
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