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  1. So exactly when did Fender American Standard Strats become worthless piece of crap? My god I've been trying to trade this thing for a few month now and nothing. It's not like I'm trying to get a 58 gibson out of it But I'm not going to trade for a piece of crap for it either. Sorry I just needed to get that out anyway it's still available if anyone is interested. I'd like a LEFTY guitar, bass, or who knows. I perfer Hollow bodies, & Acoustics, or humbucker equiped. but I would just like this guitar to get used and appreciated.
  2. You may contact me at dmsean (at) msn.com
  3. Thanks for the info do you know if I can put contact info?
  4. Well I'm looking to trade my strat for another lefty guitar. There is nothing wrong with it I just never really connected with this guitar. I've changed out the pick up with GFS Cool Rails and changed the Pickgard the a red pearl but still have the original parts that will come with it it also has the OHSC. I bought this guitar new from GC in jan 95 I don't know how to post a pic here so if your interested shoot me an email
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