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    wood with these wires on them uhh......geetar
  1. I've been a HVAC-R tech for 9 years, I never said I used it........................ I said it's the best in my opinion !!!! max!! max!!
  2. The Best Propelant is R-22 Refrigernt or Co2 there Oilless , moisterless , and Clean. Max!
  3. I just Bought a A-470 Son Of a ................ any body wanna buy a AIR BRUSH MAX!
  4. Killer Info Thanks!! Just bought a A 470 Aztek is this a good Brush ??? Max!
  5. Thank's Brian , It's a Takamine GX-100 i've never seen another one "Wes the man" Knows more about the Ax than I do. It plays like a dream and is light as a feather!!! Got to Love it!!
  6. Hey Brian, Killer web page, Went right into the Favorites catagory I'm trying to find out if there are any Washburn N4 neck's out in the geetar world!! Someday yes it will be mine!! The N4 This will be my Holy grail guitar!! any suggestions ! STMax!
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