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  1. BP gets my vote....we had a mishap in a deal we made.....he was very understanding, had the kind of attitude that would work well with a mod.....plus it seems he has the time. C'mon people, show bluespresence some love
  2. i love: cryin' by satriani liberty by vai the last half of hotel california-eagles(i love that song)
  3. wes, i'm not so sure about this being satire.....my next-door neighbor is EXACTLY like this, to the point where i said to myself, 'my god, this must be HER' She fakes gothic and satanist, and is the uber-pessimist. While i'm not saying it's definitely true, i wouldn't say it's definitely fake either. Seriously, this girl next door says she started witchcraft and can hear and talk to trees and stuff like that, she always fakes depressed and stuff, i wouldn't say that that person is satirizing anything for sure
  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That was so......shallow. "F*#KING B*@!H AT HOT TOPIC DIDN'T HAVE MY LIP GLOSS, ALL SHE DID WAS CRY AND WATCH TV, SHE DIDN'T CARE THAT THEY DIDN'T HAVE THE F%$&KING LIP GLOSS I'VE USED FOR 10 YEARS" I think that that was so funny tho, it's hilarious how people try to make their lives suck. OHMYGOD MY MOM WONT LET ME GET A KITTEN......I CAN ACT LIKE AN 8-YEAR OLD TOO That was great
  5. Hotmail's been touchy lately. Especially with attachments, i have to try multiple times before things can be attached. And there have been many times where things have been unable to be accessed
  6. for me it was between the drop top and the nanda devi......had to go with the doubleneck because JFC already had a GOTM, and since they were both so beautiful i think it's erikbojerik's turn.....all nice guitars though.....that SG is killer for a second guitar
  7. very nice work.....now get that AJ60SC fized and play that beautiful Alvarez
  8. good for you matt......i hope the good karma starts coming your way....you deserve it. Can't wait for the 9-stringer to get here
  9. i was saying that even though he conflicts with what i am saying, i don't lose respect for him
  10. Actually wes, i beg to differ. Even though Maiden69 has a completely different opinion on the topic(which, by the way, is not whether weed is good or bad, but whether it should be legalized) i respect him more than before. Why? Because i have learned of his service to our country, as well as the fact that he can disagree with me in a civili fashion. Debate is good, without different viewpoints the world would be at a standstill. As long as it's civil(so far it has been) i think this is a good topic. JMO. Neal
  11. Hey, i was just wondering what your ballpark range would be for the pickguard both by itself or fully loaded? Thanks. Neal
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