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  1. Man this has gone off on a tangent! Can't say I've eaten the Createx but I know I used to use acrylics on leather jackets years ago when I painted them for my mates. I still have one I did for myself and it's not cracked in 13 years! Acrylics are flexible, water based (not as bad health wise when using them) and totally inert when other finishes are put over them (such as the clear you will lay over them). They are very flexible so they'll 'move' with any eapansion the guiitar experiences. The createx (also water based) are really designed for airbrushing but can be hand painted if you wish. personally, i'd go to the pound shop and buy some cheap acrylics as they're gonna be covered in clear anyway!
  2. The sanding sealer goes under the vinyl pretty much the same as a waterslide not over it.. You will need to build up more clear over the guitar but there's no problem there. I've done it and as long as you do 2 or 3 dust coats first there's not even a problem with shrinkage. You can also get print onto clear so the timber shows through like the pic. I'd personally stencil or free hand paint it with Createx paint but not everyone is artistic enough to do that - make your own decision on whether you are or not.
  3. Prostheta, I got the joke mate - i even made one back! I am a northerner too though! frenchiw v2, sorry for the minor hijack... one other option you have is to get a signmaker with a printer to print onto vinyl, the image you want (you could make it up in Photoshop etc) then apply this to a sanding sealed body. Clear over it and Bobs your aunt fanny! Wouldn't mind seeing this one when it's FINNISHED!
  4. I use Createx paints (autoair range) a lot and they're water soluble so no nasty smells. They can be airbrushed or hand painted and are shipped from a guy named Pete Millichamp (Top fella!) Check out the UK website createxuk
  5. Found someone stateside who does it http://www.conservationresources.com/Main/...ection35_03.htm Based in Virginia. Interesting product - I might have a go myself.
  6. Plasticote (or Plastikote) can't remember which but it's not amazing to look at!
  7. You do realize your general is, uh, British, right? That'd make him the only one here with an Army that doesn't shoot their own, drink too much / smooke too much pot to be able to fight properly, enter wars they shouldn't be in (Oh no we did that one actually! )or run away when it gets too tough! Ooops - WW III coming soon! Oh an Cudbucket and thegarehanman - put your handbags away - it's a GOTM thread where we argue over the best fighting force in the world not some where for you to bicker! Oh yeah - if you don't all watch out, I'll enter my Nico - 'Funky Melt' then you'll all be beaten to a pulp!
  8. Well as I said in my first post, I'm new to this so I couldn't tell you how long it will last BUT I have heard of people (experienced people) on here using CA for binding so it can't be that bad! That's another reason I said to use it - it worked for me and MANY others here. The finish touch ups shouldn't be that hard if it's a solid but if it's a burst or something, I dunno. Another point on the CA lasting, I don't think it likes water but apart from that I don't see why it would fail unless it's being stressed. Water and guitars don't mix well anyway but i would put a clear of some kind over it personally just in case.
  9. OMFG! How do you vote for only one of these - I want all of them in my front room now! Mattia got it bacause he firstly saw a fault and found a solution - a very beautiful solution. The craftsmanship is outstanding (not that i take away from anyone else - they're all fantastic) he shape works, the balance is right, the colours work, the inlay is great - a wonderfull, all round guitar! The VJV-1 one isn't balanced to my eye butI'm sure it's a personal preference thing - the upper horm doesn't sit well with me. The Blue Guitar is great and the aluminium is a great concept BUT it's a shape and general design I've seen a lot recently. The WOMD is just too gimicky for me - again a personal taste thing. The LP is another great guitar but the back looks too light for my taste - the ONLY thing I could fault on the whole guitar! At the end of this we can only work on personal taste because there isn't a fault in ANY of them!
  10. Sexual connotations I reckon you weren't carefull enough with the glue - I used the real runny stuff so it wicked into the gap. Just polish it up and see where it goes. Maybe a cutting paste might be needed? Do you have a pic?
  11. I'm new to all this but from recently using a veneer and having to fix it with CA after it lifted during finishing, I say go for it - I was doing more finish anyway but I was still careful with it and all was fine.
  12. That's right - the VINYL decal is installed on water and can either be a mist (just to stop initial grab of the glue) or can be a flood of water to float the decal into place. The reason i don't mention acetone is because I wouldn't like to leave it on a finish for very long. You can use meths/turps all day long and not cause a problem. Acetone COULD cause problems. It's quicker but that's not always best.
  13. It's called wet application and is a very valid method - a pro car guy wouldn't need it - i don't bother even when doing vans the size of a luton! BUT there's nothing wrong with it if you want to have a little 'safety' built in to the application.
  14. If you haven't laquered over it yet, peel away at it with your finger nail. If it breaks up, use a hairdryer NOT A HEAT GUN) to gently warm it and soften the glue. When the vinyl os gone, there may be some glue residue. If there is, put some white spirit or meths on it and give it afew sec to soak - the glue will turn to snot and will be removable with a clean rag. If there's any left then, just repeat. BTW I know this as I'm a sign writer - I do this daily and it's the best way to remove WITHOUT surface damage.
  15. Here here! Well said. ALL these guitars are cool though - I haven't seen a crappy project from this site yet!
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