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  1. By the time I get a superswitch delivered to Ireland I'll be off to college, so I might just see how it sounds as it stands, and order a super switch later if needs be. Bit messy because I just threw it together in Paint, but here's how the circuit's looking now (hopefully minus mistakes)
  2. I'm going to rewire a HSS strat style guitar. 5 way switch, 1 Vol, 2 Tone, and a DPDT switch. The DPDT will 'override' the guitar circuit and send the bridge humbucker straight to the output (passing Lane mod). I also want an auto split (bucker will split when in the bridge/middle position). So one side of the 5 way switch will be a pickup selector and the other will control the auto split. One tone knob will control the neck pickup, and the other the bridge. I was wondering if there was any way of connecting the middle pickup to the bridge tone knob without having it bleed across. I know it could be done with a super switch but I don't have one handy and was wondering if it could be done with what I had lying around! Though diodes would affect the signal alright, but from my basic understanding of semiconductor doping I thought it could be possible to make one suitable for guitar circuits and was wondering if they were around. Might just leave the mid pickup without a tone control seeing as I never really use position 3 anyway
  3. Will all diodes affect the tone of a guitar? Specifically if I have the signal from a pickup going through a diode, how will it change the sound? And if the signal from a pickup comes to a reverse bias diode, will that signal be blocked completely or will a small amount of that signal still bleed through? Looking to make a custom circuit, and without going into too much detail I'm just wondering if diodes can be used to stop unwanted pickups bleeding through into the guitar's output signal?
  4. Welcome to the ProjectGuitar.com, seamusoc :-)

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