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  1. She is done... almost. The Pickupselector switch doesnt work. it doesn't do the click when it changes postitions. It just kinda hangs in there. Already ordered another one. I out in all the hardware that came with it. I will be changing out the knobs and maybe the pickup surroundings. Also later (exactly when this set of strings has gone bad) I'll exchange the plastic nut. I'm still debating with myself if I want to refret the neck with jumbos.
  2. Stuff has been done. That is what she looked like after Spraying on the first coat of "Boston musical products - Nitrocellulose Lacquer Aerosol" I repeated the spraing/drying cycle 2 ore times as it said on the spraycan. About 10 minutes ago I "sanded" her with a polish sponge my father brought home from work. It's usually used to polish silverware. ( It said on the package that it'd be somewhere above 800 grid) After doing so it felt much smother and looked much shinier .Prior to taking the picture I polished her with guitar polish and out lemonoil on the fretboard. Sadly I am as useful as a fan in outerspace when it comes to taking pictures, so it looks like this: Do you guy have any Idea what to do with the headstock? I thought about just finishing it the same way i finished the top, but I've only ever seen LP's that have a black-ish headstock. I'll have 3 days off + a girlfriendless weekend next week. Time to finish her up and go shopping for some hardware, since I don't want to use the gold knobs that came with the kit.
  3. So.. I haven't been on here for a while. Stuff is going much slower than expected. Mostly thanks to University/work :/ But I got a Weekend off, And the guitar is now colorful I ended up finishing the back in the same blue I used on the top, but since I didn't use black Ink on the backor on the side it's a lot lighter. After taking the picture I leaned off the binding, which was no fun. If my next project has binding I#ll make sure to cover it up, so I don't have to do it again. Learning by Doi...Failing. In the picture you can clearly see the line between the black edges and the lighter blue. But in real life those aren't even close to has hard as in the picture. Might be because it was still wet, when I took the picture. If rain doesnt happen today, I'll clearcoat it.
  4. Stuff has been done. Some more sanding and inking the top After putting on the black ink I let it dry for 2 days. Then there was my favorite activity to do.. sanding <3 I tried to leave the outer areas darker than the middle. It has a blue-ish look to it, but somehow in the picture it seems to be much bluer than in reallife. Since I want it to be blue I'm fine with that. I'm currently looking for some kind of semi-transparent paint to add onto the black foundation. I kinda don't know what I want to do to the sides and the back. Eighter leave it as it is, finish the back in a simular collor to the top and using something to darken the sides or darken the sides and the back... So many options. As for the neck: Today is my last day as a teenager, and with birthdaymoney I'm planning on getting the fretwire and a soldering iron and a fret puller. Fret files are hella expensive So they probably have to wait another month. If I somehow screw up the neck I'll buy a neck with the profile of a 59. I fell in love with it the first time I tried one. Next update will probably cover the kinda ugly scratchplate.
  5. That's about everything I managed to do within the last 12 days or so since I posted the last update. The Grain filler is only in the pores now. Sadly I can't post a picture right now because my sdcard broke in my phone :/ Tomorrow is my day off for this week, so I might finish sanding and even apply the first ink coat. I hope I can take a couple pictures using my girlfriends phone or something.
  6. I guess I will be ending up like it I'm allready plaing the first real build and frankensteining a pawn shop guitar! Thankyou! As to keeping her going: Lesson learned: sometimes less is more. I put on the woodfiller WAY to thick. So sanding it back took me forever. It seemed grey, and wouldn't bother to get off. I had to sand it down with 100 grid. That left some nasty scratches. I followed that up with 120, 150 and 180. Not it looks better. It looks spotty, but I kind of like that. And since I'll dye it with semi transparent black before getting the blue collor on it I think that this might make it more interesting. But I stilI have tons of sanding to do. I'm not quite sure about how or if to finish the back and sides :/ I guess that'll be it for today!
  7. Thanks a lot. That video is awesome. I wasn't sure if I liked the look of it at first, but after he sanded it agin it looked quite beautiful! Since the day is not over i kept at it and finished sanding. I finaly finished sanding about an hour ago. After that I wiped it down with water, sanded, wiped it down, sanded... You don't see much of a difference, but maaaaaan you FEEL it! It doesn't feel hairy (lack of a better engish word[sorry]) anymore. I'm also glad I did it by hand. I first thought I'd hate it but it's actually fun to do and I feel way more responsible for what it's gonna look like in the end, because I cant blame a shitty sanding job on a machine After that i put in some dark woodfiller, to maybe give it some structure. Since the day is still beautifully sunny, warm (and my girlfriend being stuck in traffic ) I have more time at my disposal than I thought. I might just sand it back today. If I do pictures will probably follow tomorrow morning!
  8. It's a basswood body. I just kept sanding, now it's way more uniform. After filling the grain I'll just start with the 150 grid. I don't see anymore scatches. Learning by doing. The water raising the grain isn't bad i think. Since I want to use a waterbased ink to stain it black, and this will raise the grain anyhow. Followed by sanding it back (more in the middle than on the sides, so I might have it easier to get a poor mans sunburst (or rather iceburst, since I want to do it in blue) Thank you for the tipps, they are really appreciated!!
  9. Next day, next post Because of the weather I took my kit outside to sand today. I've been sanding (by hand, as suggested) for about 2 hours now, using 240 grid sandpaper. I cleaned the body off using a towel and some water, and dried it off afterwards. It kinda looks like there is still some sanding dust left on that guitar, but it isn't. Should I keep sanding until it's all about the same color? are the areas that are darker not sanded enough (even tho I'm pretty sure I've sanded these as much as any other) Thank you already for your answers, I'm kinda lost
  10. I guess they'll do. Before i make my trip to the store I got question about the woodfiller. I've been looking them up online and I found two different kinds. The first is water based, the other alcohol based. Can I use both or is one to be prefered?
  11. It's me... again. Thomann really lives up to their next day delivery promise. Gotta cut'em some slack for that. They must love tetris. Boxes inside boxes inside boxes. And lots of GIANT BUBBLEWRAP The body looks good enough, but when i opened the box LOTS of sanding or saw dust was covering it. It has quite a few scratches. I used my phone to take those pictures so sadly (or luckily) those are not visible on the photographs. I love the look of the Neck! Here is all the "stuff" for the guitar Time to start sanding. But befor I do get into that I have a couple questions. I ran around the house and the shed all day, looking for tools I might need. I found a heavy duty handheld band sander. But to quote my dad "DAS Teil rei├čt dir die ganze Decke ab!" which translates (roughly) into "THAT thing will rip off the whole top!" I also found a deltasander. But I haven't found any sandpaper with more than 240 grid for it. Neigher at home, nor online. Is 240 fine enough for the first sanding or should I go and spend (the least ammount as possible, being a student kinda sucks) on an orbital sander?
  12. Greetingz, Chappers here (not really, but Greetings anyhow) I LOVE THOMANN! I just got a mail that it's already in my town, being driven around in a truck right now and should be delivered within the day. Since I have the next two days off I might start sanding rightaway (after some pictures of course). The jumbo fret idea is great, so I watched some videos about it and read some guides. Time to get a soldering iron, i guess. I've been thinking about scallopping it, mostly because I've never played a scallopped guitar. But the inlays look quite good and I dont want to ruin them and I'm not sure about a scalloped (or halfway scalloped) LP. Jumbo frets seem like a perfect alternative. Can't wait to get started Rock on
  13. Well hello there, my parents got me a kit guitar. I once told them I was watching and reading a lot about building a guitar. And now I want to take the oppertunity to learn about "building" a guitar, even thou all I have to do with the Thomann kit is finishing and putting all the parts together (which probably is way more than I currently expect it to be) As you probably read in the title it's a LP kit. http://www.thomann.de/de/harley_benton_electric_guitar_kit_lpstyle.htm this one to be more specific. I don't know what kind of finish I want it to have, but I thought of eigher a swirl in darker and lighter tones of blue, or using ink to darken the grain and trying a "poor-mans-sunburst". I'm not sure if the ink would do much, since its basswood and it usually doesnt have a lot of grain. I'll post a picture of the actual guitar as soon as I rip into the packaging and get it out of its cardbord prison. I hope you guys can help me if I have questions, and tell me if (or rather that) I have done stuff horribly wrong (and also hide my mistakes. Have a nice day, and most importand rock on Hendrik
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