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  1. Wow! That's a monster of a switching system! If you can find me a link online where I can buy it would be highly appreciated!
  2. Unfortunately the 3-way missing from the guitar. I plan on bringing it into my local guitar shop and trying the wiring I stated above and see how it works cause they'll do it clean and safer then I will lol but if it doesn't work I'll have them contact PRS about the switch. Hopefully it won't break my wallet too much cause I also need to purchase a Ghost piezo system and saddles and that's gonna cost me about $200-$250 The guitar is absolutely beautiful and in the picture you can't really see how beautiful the flame maple is! I also got these really cool violin style tuning pegs.
  3. Wow!! Thank you so much for this Curtisa!!! This is exactly what I needed! I do have the light PRS 513 single coil used in a 513. They are hard as hell to find but I got them from a 513 that was completely gutted and warped from water damage at a pawn shop which is what got me to start this project. Here is a picture of the guitar I built
  4. I had a local luthier build me a PRS 513 with a couple mods added to it such as an extra volume and 2 way toggle for a piezo system. I'm trying to wiring it up. The way the 513 works is there are 5 single coil pickups with a 5 way blade switch to switch between bridge, bridge and middle, middle, middle and neck, neck and then a 3 way blade switch that basically turns on and off the inner single coil pick ups of the bridge and neck pickups. the middle position on the 3-way has a diode that basically reduces the output of the inner coils so it sounds like a coil tapped humbucker. So it looks like hum bucker, coil tap, and single coil. My question is if this diagram I create will create this sound. Or will I just shock the crap out of myself hahaha
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