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  1. Thanks Norris i don't have the accessories yet but think it will work out
  2. Do you guys think a guitar with white binding will look right with cream pickup rings and switch washer.
  3. I keep looking for a pre slotted TOM bridge in nickle, but can seem to find one does any one know where i could find one at a reasonable price?
  4. Really nice looking this is kinda how I imagine mine.
  5. OK and once again thank you for you help!
  6. Thanks Scott I wasn't sure if i had to pop the grain or not I've seen some people say yes then others say no. Also that is one awesome looking guitar!
  7. I`m starting a Les Paul build and i'm trying to figure out how to dye the quilted top. I don't want it to look super gaudy just to show through a bit like the one in the picture below. does anyone have any tips for me? PS this is my first build.
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