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  1. Thanks. Obviously I'm new at this. I'm having a friend paint it for me. Do I need to ask him what type of paint he uses to find out what type of sealer and primer I need to use? Thanks a lot for your help here...
  2. This is probably a simple question for most you, but I'm wondering what type of grain filler to use if I'm planning to paint the guitar. I know it probably makes a difference if you're going to stain or paint the body and I just want to make sure I do this right the first time. The body is basswood and isn't in bad shape at all. I just want to make sure I get the best, smoothest finish possible. I would really appreciate any help/advice.
  3. Anyone have any used, white evolution pick ups they're looking to sell?
  4. Anyone have any used, white evolution pick ups they're looking to sell?
  5. Thanks! I'm hoping for either a black one or a black/chrome logo if possible. Thanks, Steve I think I can get one for you, gimme a bit.
  6. Does any have a vector logo of the Ibanez Jem headstock decal that they could send to me? Thanks, Steve
  7. I know this topic has been discussed over and over again on this site, but I'm wondering if there are any new/better/easier procedures for creating a nice swirl paint job than what the tutorial on this site describes. I would love to talk to people that do this technique in their homes (like I would be doing it) and see what you've done and learned in the process. Feel free to email me directly at steve.scovill@gmail.com if you'd like since this topic is so often discussed on this board (don't want to bore or annoy anyone). Thanks, Steve
  8. Has anyone ever tried doing the swirl painting technique on a piece of canvas? Cool make for some fun, cool art pieces... Thanks, Steve
  9. Has anyone ever tried the swirl painting technique on a piece of canvas? Could make for some cool "modern art" pieces...
  10. Check out universaljems.com Brian used to sell it from there I believe...
  11. I understand. It's just easy to jump on a topic and try to get your question addressed.
  12. Wow...I feel a bit flamed. I never have any lucking finding anything on the search and thought I'd piggy back on this topic.
  13. I've obviously misunderstood. So, do I even need sanding sealer on top of the veneer?
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